No bro code

Casey made a recovery from his poor reaction to Sasha’s news yesterday. “Why doesn’t she just take the test?” was my first thought. She took it eventually and all the worry was unnecessary. Casey wants to get it on with Sash but is worried about conducting a relationship through bars, but Sasha couldn’t care less, she’s willing to carry on regardless.

Leah lost it when she found Jamie hanging around in her gaff with VJ. She told him he was dumped and he accepted it, kind of. What’s his story? He seems obsessed with Veej.

John and Gina are living together once again and seem happy about it. They broke out the champers, quare posh.

5 thoughts on “No bro code”

  1. Not quite the first – remember the creepy guy who gave Veej a lift when he ran away from home? Poor Veej

  2. Jamie has a crap relationship with his da and now wants to be a “good” da so he tried to find himself a readymade family. Poor Leah, she really hasn’t much luck with men , has she? They either end up dead or leave the country. Maybe she should take a break for a while. Like forever.

    No point in Sash doing a test when they could drag a whole episode out of the drama. Plus it gave Romeo something to do. He appears to do nothing these days. Dr. Sid must be earning some wages to support the entire family.

    JP and Gina are great together. There was no need to mess them up in the firstplace.

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