Job opportunity

Liam and Leah, Summer Bay’s newest crime fighting duo, spent the episode piecing together the puzzle that is Adam and his son Jamie. With their knowledge combined, they figured out that Adam is wrong ‘un. Despite that, Liam insists that he’s going to do the job for Adam, to release Bianca from her drug hell. What kind of a job will it be? Spray graffiti on the diner? Rob the takings from the gelato bar? Give Adam and Jamie a Karaoke lesson, teaching them the words to his favourite duet, “kisses hurt so much”?

Dex and Lisa were doing some physio down the beach, which was going well until Dex started quizzing her about lying to Sid. Lisa avoided the question and told him to walk around the poles. Alas Dex lost the run of himself, literally, and sprained his ankle. Sid went ape and called over to Lisa’s intending to have it out with her but her husband answered the door, he doesn’t seem very friendly. Maybe Lisa is in an abusive relationship and she needs Sid to help her out of it?

Did anybody else notice Indi and Romeo’s costume change in the water? The ran onto the beach in their swim wear but came out of the water wearing wet suits. Good continuity lads.

2 thoughts on “Job opportunity”

  1. Phew thought my eyes were playing tricks on me with the quick wardrobe change, glad someone else noticed to!!!

  2. Nothing involving them 2 eejits would surprise me!

    Poor Lisa. I hope she gets her stuff back and escapes to a life of bliss at the Farm with Dr Sid and all the loved up Walkers. Or maybe not so blissful….

    Roo said that its 4 weeks til the wedding. Jeez we’ll be driven daft by the time it happens…

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