The plot thickens

Aha, Adam and Jamie are father and son. They’re in the Bay to do a job. Leah very obviously overheard them saying so in the Surf Club, but strangely, they didn’t spot her crouching right beside them on the stairs.

Leah is raging because Jamie took Veej out on a jet-ski. What’s the buzz there I wonder?

Marilyn went on two dates, and her hair was amazing! The first fella was a no-go, but the second chap was into tarot, and even has a new-age bookshop in Yabbie Creek. Perfect! Mr. JP was hanging about, and quizzing the suitor, so Marilyn gave him a right telling off. She’s like a new woman with that new hair.

Adam has roped Liam into helping him with the “job”; if he does, Adam will leave Bianca alone. Yeah, right, Murphy!

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