25 years a-flamin’

Happy birthday to Home and Away! It’s 25 years today since it first aired. Back then, Alf was but a nipper, and Gawd hadn’t saved Ireland yet. Tell us what your favourite H&A moments are in the comments! My personal favourites are Saul’s cult (I said cult), and most recently, Sid in the ditch. Milco turning up was pretty good too.

In today’s episode, The Boize went to The City to fetch Kyle. They had to wear jackets for this. A serious operation requires serious clothing, or, at least, fewer vests. After some police action, and chats to Kyle’s mate, Brax and Heath got their man. Now, what will they do with him?

Bianca is a shambles. She fell asleep at work, then went straight to the next level with Adam, in order to ensure her gear supply doesn’t dry up.


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  1. Flathead Avatar

    My favourite moment was when Alf had a dream and saw the future as an Aboriginal man. That was amazing. Bobby appearing on the fridge as a ghost was also pretty good. What about the time that Ailsa a.k.a Alf pushed Morag down the stairs?

  2. gillian Avatar

    saul and his cult really was amazing. i used to love all the characters back then. remember dodge and him falling off a boat or something? and chloes rapist getting caught in a trap in the woods. amazing stuff!

  3. Bront Avatar

    My favourite part was when rachel and tony got married. I loved rachel’s dress it was really pretty and she made a really beautiful bride. My other favourite moment was when harry was born rachel made a fantstic mum and tony made a great dad. I wish tony, rachel and harry were back on home and away i miss them so much they were really good actors and harry was such a cutie

  4. Strikemeroan Avatar

    I also loved Alf’s crazy trip when he turned into an Aboriginal. I remember telling friends who were out of the country that summer about it and they didnt believe me! Also very entertained by the Dani/Kane/Kirsty triangle, particularly Kirsty insisting that everyone had to forgive Kane for his ‘attack’ on Dani and the RAGE that inspired in Rhys. Ooh and who can forget when Shannon befriended the drunken Irish writer, I think his name was Gabriel? Must do Wikipedia hunt & find out who played him. Then later she was gay for another writer and they went off into the sunset together. Not to mention the assorted tornados, floods,earthquakes, murderous stalkers and general proliferation of disasters requiring Alf to put on his rescue gear, those Great Peril plot lines were always good for entertainment. I also like when they go off location for no particular reason, like Rindi’s trip to Hawaii and Irene & Selina (I think?) going to England. Very ‘Murder She Wrote: Special Episode’.

    NOT TO MENTION Bobby in the fridge and Irene being framed for murder and going back on the grog. Ah, it’s just been 25 years of solid gold really, except for plot lines involving Elijah. What a shame Colleen couldn’t be with us for this momentous occasion!

  5. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Ok I can’t find out anything about the drunken Irish writer who Shannon was mates with. Does anyone else remember that plotline or did I dream it??

  6. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    I loved Chloe who used to live in Irenes house, she got pregnant by a really good looking doctor Lachlan, his mother didnt like Chloe and wanted to take the baby, then he had a brain tumour and his mother moved him to US.. I also used to love Selina and Jesse.
    Remember when Irene used to be like Ma Braxton, her hair short and blonde and sporting a really short denim mini, with a bottle of grog in her hand, shouting at finlay and Damien.

  7. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Aw so many good memories I don’t know where to start!

    Loved Belle & Aden, miss those guys. Also love love love the big disasters where someone important is pretty much dead but then comes back to life to make a miraculous recovery! Dex’s brain will be sorted in no time, its the H&A way. If you survive in the first place, you’ll be grand like.

    Did you see real life Romeo & Ruby got married a couple of weeks ago? http://www.digitalspy.ie/showbiz/s15/home-and-away/news/a448840/home-and-away-stars-luke-mitchell-rebecca-breeds-marry-in-australia.html

    Also, check out Her.ie’s tribute to 25 years of H&A, some good memories & brilliant photos! http://her.ie/gallery/happy-birthday-home-and-away-our-favourite-aussie-soap-is-25-103623

  8. Ailsa Avatar

    Sorry, just remembered – Kit and Kim managing to next-level it, even though they were dying in the Bush. Classic.

  9. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Avatar

    I’m with Gillian: my favourite storyline was the Chloe and Brad one, where she got raped, started getting counselling from Brad, started going out with him and then found out he was the rapist and he tried to kill her out in the countryside but he got caught in a bear trap or something. Also, all the while he’s ringing in to Travis’ radio show telling him he can’t give anyone advice (using a creepy voice). Brilliant stuff!

    Alf as an Aboriginal was also hilarious – remember how in the future Josh had redeveloped the place and the sign leading into the town said ‘Summer Bay – where the cool people live’ on it?!!

  10. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Bront is correct: Rachel was an amazing actress and also an amazing doctor,

  11. Ailsa Avatar

    Rachel of the many, many medical disciplines.

  12. Ailsa Avatar

    There is too much Rachel in these comments, for her contribution to the Bay.

  13. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    I loved Colleen. Miles impersonating her Yoo Hoo only me was hilarious. The time the River Boys stole her caravan with her in it was brilliant.
    Love the amnesia everybody gets. Wasn’t VJ operated on in the womb cos of a kidney problem? And isn’t he meant to be deaf?

  14. Zoe McCallister a.k.a Summer Bay Stalker Avatar
    Zoe McCallister a.k.a Summer Bay Stalker

    I was the best. Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

  15. Mrs River Boy Avatar
    Mrs River Boy


  16. PeterKevin Avatar

    Rocco and his gang. Real crimmos.

    Belle’s crusade against the Site or whatever was in it or under it.

    Martha and her Many Merry Men.

    Morag crossing swords with Da Buckton when he arrived in the Bay to investigate something.

    Josh West.

    Beth Hunter and her brood. What happened to them all in the end ?

  17. Steeeeeevo... Avatar

    Dodge’s return to the bay and ongoing feud with Stevo will always top the list for me. Particularly when everyone else thought he’d gone and he kept appearing out of the bushes to Stevo talking menacingly. What a great bad guy. And who could forget the clifftop climax!

    For anyone who doesn’t remember this video is fantastic:

  18. Ailsa Avatar

    Beth’s death – just a hand hanging out of a car. Classic.

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