Ma Braxton’s mothering tips

Ma Braxton was full of great advice for new parents Bianca and Heath.

  • Dip Rocco’s dummy in whiskey to get him to calm down
  • Hit him on the back of the head if he talks back
  • Dress him in polyester

She reckons that these parenting techniques never did her boys any harm. Looking at Heath, I don’t know if I can agree.

Poor Marilyn is caught in the middle of the John and Gina issue. She is an innocent party but feels guilty because John tried to kiss her. Which would be ok but Jett over heard Marilyn telling Roo about it in the diner.

Dr. Sid had lunch with Lisa, Dex’s therapist. New love interest? It’s been a while since he’s been out with a lady. He deserves some joy in his life given all he’s been through with Dex.

6 thoughts on “Ma Braxton’s mothering tips”

  1. I cracked up when Heath said ‘Shut up, Murphy’ when Liam gave him a quizzical look after Sid’s stern talking to. Heath can be really hilarious sometimes

  2. Also I bet Ma Braxton smuggled some whisky on to Rocco’s dummy when Bianca wasn’t looking & that’s why he’s conked out. Baby’s first hangover!

  3. I’m worried around Rocco too! Don’t die little buddy. If its a cot death storyline that’s going to be heaps depressing.

  4. First Brax, now Sid. Every counsellor and therapist is now fair game in SB. I suppose poor Sid had nowhere else to go with the young lady except the backseat. Kinda reminded us of Backseat Buckton in her heyday.

    Cheryl is great. I hope she sticks around.

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