No punches pulled

Well, a few people took their veritaserum in that episode:

  1. Sasha rightly told Indi she was a walking disgrace for getting together with Liam so soon after breaking up with his “best mate”* Romeo.
  2. Veej pointed out to Liam that none of his relationships last, e.g. Bianca, Hayley. It’s a sad day when a 13-year-old is giving you love advice.
  3. Sid told April to wake up and smell the comatose boyfriend. He’s losing hope.

Also, in a realistic move, Sid phoned Dex’s ma.

Finally, why does Liam wear leather jackets when everyone else is in vests and shorts? Does he think he’s back in Ireland or what?

* About 5 times in that episode, someone referred to Liam and Romeo being best mates. Not since the days of building Liam’s house-that-never-was have they had a storyline together – amirite?






5 responses to “No punches pulled”

  1. Steeeeevo! Avatar

    I prefer Dex when he’s in a coma. They should keep him like that.

    Wasn’t Romeo Liam’s best man? He organised that raucous stag night with Alf and the local priest.

  2. PeterKevin Avatar

    Ha, that sounds like a brilliant episode!!!

    Didn’t Liam have a fling with one of the “returning strays with a child” that stayed at Irene’s for a while? Can’t remember her name, there are so many……

  3. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    Gypsy. Veej also reminded him of that! Poor bj must be so affected by these randomers that move in and out of his house. Still a nuisance though

  4. Christine Avatar

    Haha steeeevo, that just cracked me up

  5. yabbie creeker Avatar
    yabbie creeker

    Veej the little creep. how come he doesn’t have any friends his own age.

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