Two little mates

Romeo’s dreams are falling apart in front of his eyes. He went for a walk on the beach with his “best mate” only to be told that he’s carrying on with his ex-wife. Romeo can’t stand the sight of Liam now and is moving out of Leah’s house to show his displeasure. Maybe he can follow Ruby’s road to ruin and go sulk in a van for a while before sabotaging Liam’s motorbike.

Tim’s new business venture means that Roo has landed a dream job for herself. The downside is that she’ll have to commute to the city. Harvey is less than impressed about his fiance spending time with her ex. Harvey isn’t very secure in his relationship but Roo wouldn’t do the dirt, would she?

Richard wants Jet, but Jet doesn’t want to go to crappy Western Australia. When his Dad turned up at the gaff looking to collect his nipper, Jet had a change of heart and left with his old man. That’s another former crook kid reformed by the redemptive airs of the bay. He can leave town with his head held high. Gina will be heart-broken now, she’ll have to find another pet project.

6 thoughts on “Two little mates”

  1. ‘Western Australia’ seems to be the new version of ‘overseas’ or ‘the city’ for vague places that people run away to. Richard Bozic must be heading off to amine to work with all the Irish lads

  2. Very sorry for Gina and JP, they really had a lovely little family going there with Jet. Now who is gonna buy all the cake at the Diner?

    Romeo is a pain in the head. End of. He should just get on his surfboard and float on out of town.

    Roo/Harvey/Tiny Tim. Snooze. None of the 3 of them know how to work anyway, they just sit around all day talking about “projects”. Roo should gave stayed with Dr Sid. He’s always at work these days.

  3. There seems to be something about Roo and guys who ignore her when she says ‘no’ and keep asking her until she gives in.

    Didn’t Romeo previously go off with his best mate and brother Jai’s girl? What goes around …

  4. Gina and John have been eating sweet treats a lot these days they’ll need to keep an eye on that not long ago John was crook with a dicky ticker..

    Hey any info on brax coming to Ireland? I hope he’s on the look out for an Irish Sheila

  5. Brax will be in the Wilton shopping centre in Cork on New Years Eve. I hope they bring stencils and markers.

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