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19 thoughts on “Scheduled intermission”

  1. Yesterday was annoying. The episode was basically Romeo giving Liam and indie grief for hanging out together and for her not wanting to see him and Harvey shouting at Roo because she was plaguing him to talk about his feelings after lottie going.

    Gina and John are trying to adopt jet but now they must wait until docs checks what the story is with jets dad and if he wants him.

    Also Roo heard gina and Irene talking about fostering and thinks she and Harvey should do it, cue Harvey going ape shit because he thinks she just wants to replace lottie. Yawn.

  2. They tried this sweet new camera thing where they flew in circles around every character involved in the episode, it made Ruby so dizzy that she ran all the way to the farm to spaz out at Indi for no reason

  3. Well on today’s episode Ruby upped the crazy, Liam and Indi hooked up and Roo and Harvey got engaged, mid-argument of course. And Sid warned Romeo off his daughter yet again. Too late, Sid, she’s too busy kissing Liam!

  4. JP and Gina told Jett that they wanted to foster him. Hurrah!!!

    Between them and the Braxtons, Natalie must be on permanent overtime.

    Heath used his brain, possibly for the first time in his entire life and told Beeyanka that he’d stay around forever for her and Rocco. No marriage just a lifetime commitment.

    Brax is desperate to pay off Da Brax so he’s signed up for more criminal capers with OZ’s dumbest crimmo Bob. Then Brax went to Charlies grave, which is precariously located on a cliff edge, and he got drunk.

  5. DOCS! Brilliant. They used to be on H&A all the time. New camera technique sounds amazing.

    Did Brax do any leaning?

  6. Oh Ruby, Y u no more sane?

    On a plus, it was lovely to get an episode without Roo and Harvey in it.

  7. Well Ruby finally flipped and tampered with Indi’s car, but it was Dex that was driving and now he’s potentially dead. Think we’re about to see Ruby’s exit to prison, the wagon. Poor Dex!

  8. Poor Dex, just when things were starting to go right for him. Has anyone remembered to contact Ma Walker?

    Romeo is a complete tool. SB would be better off without him. Same goes for Ruby.

    I wonder how long it will take the accident investigators to find out that the car’s been tampered with? 10 mins I’d say and then I hope we’ll see a reappearance of YCPD to sort out the whole sorry mess.

  9. Given YCPD’s track history even if Ruby makes a full confession they’ll probably still mess up the case. Dex is now hanging between life and death in a hospital bed, shirtless of course. Annoying as he and April were being in their new flat, I’ll still be sorry to see him go. Maybe we need Geoff to come back and say a few aul prayers

  10. This was actually a really brilliant episode. Was the first time Indi seemed to be a part of the Walker family. Logic ensued; Liam used cop on and asked his exwife to let her sister know Dex had been in an accident. Sasha actress is really standing out, nice to see Romeo comforting his ex sister in law.
    Alf wore his orange rescue gear be there were ambos and firos aplenty. Don’t think we’ve seen all them since the time Harvey brought Roo and investors out to sea in the middle of a storm.

  11. Ah, what’s a day in Summer Bay without a shirtless young lad at the hospital! Will be really cross if Dex is a goner though.

  12. Watson reappeared to arrest Ruby. Hopefully Morag will reappear again soon as well. Think we may have seen the last of Ruby.

  13. Can’t believe Ruby has resigned herself to the fact that she’s going to prison, her aunt is MORAG for God’s sake

  14. Ruby she has gone. She had a heart to heart with Brax about how they were both going mad over the loss of Charlie, and they had to move on. So Ruby’s gonna take the rap for her mental deeds and go to jail, while Brax went back to Charlie’s grave, said good bye to her, and went off for a pint with Natalie of a Thousand Questions

  15. Was a sad episode, shed a few tears ({Possibly hungover watching the catch up) Good to see Watson back, doing it for Charlie! I heard Alf say “Strike Me Roan” which was cool as didn’t know where Strikemeroan got its name before that.. now I know. Aprils dress was the same dress she went to the next level with Heath..

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