Summer Bay Subterfuge

Brax and Casey have the da well and truly duped now, with their fake-fighting and evil glares. Thank goodness they didn’t let Heath in on the secret, or their ruse would be rumbled. Hopefully this all culminates in a massive Braxton-blue, complete with lasers, tanks, and of course, bashings galore.

Dex and April let their respective families/co-habitees in on their plan to move in together. Every one of them scoffed at this. Every one in my house scoffed too. Looks like the Doctor and Nurse may not be playing house.

Marilyn wore an amazing creation in this episode. What’s the word for it? Kaftan? Poncho? It seemed silken and was wildly coloured with some kind of animal print. Interesting choice of garb for a caravan park barbeque.

Irene gave Ms. Chambers a good ribbing about being the Braxton boys’ stepmother. Haha Marilyn.

Rocco is off the ventilator and coming home soon, which meant that Heath and Bianca had to discuss their living arrangements. They’re the ones who should be getting their own place. Poor Darce wants to live there too, but Daddy Braxton number two isn’t keen.

2 thoughts on “Summer Bay Subterfuge”

  1. A full on braxton blue would be quality! Blood v sand.
    Funniest part of tonight’s ep was dex to brax just a sherley temple please.

  2. I love Casey’s double agent voice, he just sounds and acts like a stupid 4 year old boy. There’s no way daddy Brax will cotton on

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