Give me another chance

Ruby and Romeo had a beech side chat about things. They discussed this and that, failed relationship and non-existant pregnancies. She asked for another chance and Romeo said no. Not surprising really, when you’re girlfriend lies to you about something like that. Now that Romeo has cleared up that mess, the way is clear for an Rindi revival, or is it?

Enter the rockstar. Liam and Indi seem to be hitting it off recently. Let’s remember that he likes the younger ladies, see Belle and Nicole. I fear that a Rindi revival might be preempted by a Lindi liason.

Da Brax asked Marilyn out on a date and she said yes, which was pretty strange. Leah was as surprised as I was that she agreed to it. Anyway, poor Maz was just being used as an alibi so Da Brax could deny any involvement in Brax getting bashed. He got kidnapped outside Angelo’s and dumped in the bush. Maybe it’s time Darryl learns that you live by the bash, you could die by the bash.





3 responses to “Give me another chance”

  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    I’m amazed that Da Brax had any garment with sleeves at all! Poor Brax, he thought it was tough dealing with Hammer and Jake and all them boys. At least he had the local cops helping him then. Now he’s on his own..

    I’m looking forward to the Lindi affair. It will be great fun and Dr Sid will be thrilled! Liam’s become the male Martha of the Bay, what with all the ladeeez he’s hooking up with.

  2. Liz Avatar

    If Liam and Indy get together, will that start Ruby off again because of the time she had a thing for Liam?

  3. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Dr Sid wastes a lot of time telling Romeo Indi doesnt want to talk, gives a long winded explanation of why and then for Indi to come out and say “its ok Dad, I can deal with this” Sid then huff and puffs away. Red marker seems to be back in the Home & Away stationery cupboard, prob got a new batch in when Xavier left, poor Brax, Natalie will prob be out taking a bush walk and come across him lying there. She seems to pop up a lot recently!!

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