Space and time

…Are the magic ingredients necessary to make Ruby’s relationship with Romeo work according to the woman herself. Now that Sid gave Indy the money to repay Romeo, Ruby wants his ex out of the picture. Everything is going swimmingly according to Ruby, what could possibly go wrong? Did somebody say “fake pregnancy”? Leah knows the truth now so Romeo finding out cant be far away, can’t wait for that scene. Charlie would be so proud if she could see her daughter now.

Alf has had it with Roo bringing strays into his gaff, first that no-good Harvey and then his daughter. How’s a bloke to get some proper rest with the two of them cavorting around the kitchen table at the crack of dawn? I think he’s near his flamin’ limit, he’s had a gut full.

Xav managed to keep his cop job, just. John’s interference nearly cost him his badge by sticking his nose in with the senior sergeant but he let Xavier off in the end. The end result is he’s decided to separate his job from his family by moving to the Aussie Templemore. I’ll miss his dim witted capers.





4 responses to “Space and time”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Finally Xavier is leaving. Tho I was really looking forward to what a terrible cop he was going to be

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Do you think it’s really tense on the Home & Away set, given that people can be written out in just one episode?

  3. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    The biggest surprise is that Xavier is leaving alive. The hospital will have to cancel Gina’s parking space now. Please can Bandicoot come back for bye byes?

  4. PeterKevin Avatar

    I doubt that Xav will be away for too long. The hospital would have to close if he wasn’t keep them busy.
    I hope Riverbaby With No Name gets better soon. Has Grandad been in to see him yet? Probably not, as there’s only so many tattoed visitors allowed at any one time.

    I wish Ruby would fess up soon. I’m getting tired of that storyline. And Whiny Indi too.

    Great to see the Tent Dress Factory is back to full production. Roo is showing their wares to perfection.

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