Trainee Officer Renegade

Hurray, Home and Away is back, and Xavier’s on the beat. This is going to be amazing, he has promise as the worst cop to hit the Bay since Jack (RIP).

So, your first day on the job, an experienced cop shows you around, and tells you not to use the records or the database. What do you do? Use the database, which conveniently is called “Cop Database”. Xavier got a treasured photo from Jett when he saved him from a bashing by Jaden and his crew. He ran the photo through Cop Database and found out that it was of some  dude with a drug dealing record. Enter new baddie.

Bianca is back to herself now, and doesn’t remember her previous madness. That bodes well for River Baby.


2 responses to “Trainee Officer Renegade”

  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    Quite the perfect return. xav is a class A plonker. I’d give him less than a week. Then he’ll be back delivering Pizzas. Where’s Watson and who is the new Senior Constable?

    April and Dex . Boring already.

    Come back Heath and give Riverbaby a name!!!!!!

  2. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    Yeah where is Watson? Maybe she got the flick for being too manly hehe. Can’t stand xav and spesh with his vendetta against jett.

    Why is man shouldersApril so weird and emotional?

    Also where is JP’s massive debt gone? Seems pretty happy in his lifeguard uniform with his flags to me.

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