R is for…

R is for rangas, aka orangutans, aka human ginger people. My favourite of which is Cornelia Frances, who plays the erudite Justice Morag Bellingham in Home and Away.

Here she is defending the very creatures that inspired the nickname:

Here’s Jonah Takalua of Summer Heights High explaining how to use the word:

And of course, Rolf Harris also begins with r:

Give us more r words please!


7 responses to “R is for…”

  1. BusToTheCity Avatar

    R is for ‘Rack off mate!’

  2. BusToTheCity Avatar

    Roo is both a name and short for Kangaroo

  3. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    Righto another favourite of Alfs

  4. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    R is for rocket, which is a hot Sheila!

  5. coppertop Avatar


  6. PeterKevin Avatar

    RR are the initials of the finest detective in Summer Bay. Leah should have had the sense to keep him!!!!

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