K is for …

Kangaroo, something you don’t see much of by the bay. Alf has made a few references to the wallabies (rugby team) but the only Kangaroo to be seen bayside is Roo Stewart.





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  1. Sergeant Watson Avatar

    My ‘K’ characters have to be Kit, Kim and Kane. Kane was surprisingly the least annoying, at least on his return after doing a runner with Kirsty, sister of Dani, the girl he ‘attacked’ (because they don’t say rape on this show). Kit was ginger and had Kim’s baby after they got down and dirty whilst lost in the bush, before Kit got the measles, which made him infertile, which didn’t impress ladywife Rachel. Can’t remember any other K characters!

  2. Pippa Avatar

    Whatever happened to ‘the Kiosk’ that the Sutherlands ran? Are there no news agent type shops at all now in summer bay? Alisa’s store looked a bit big but surely somewhere to pick up milk or a few tinnies would be profitable?

  3. Vegemite Vera Avatar
    Vegemite Vera

    Kinder or Kindie is Aussie for nursery school 🙂

  4. Liz Avatar

    K is for killing spree – there’s been a couple of those.

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    Yes, there’s no shop in the Bay – do they have to go to Yabbie Creek for the groceries?

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