B is for…

B is for bottlo. A bottlo is an off-licence here and a bottle-shop in Australia if you don’t feel the need to shorten every phrase.

Other suggestions for B include bikie which is a biker on this side of the world.

How about binnie? A binnie is none other than a bin man. Magic.

Bogan would be another good suggestion for B. Anyone like to guess what Bogan means?

Update, how did I forget about brain explosion?





5 responses to “B is for…”

  1. BusToTheCity Avatar

    B is for Barbie? As in – ‘throw a shrimp on’?

  2. BusToTheCity Avatar

    Oh and ‘Blue’ – as in to have a row (or Barney)

  3. Ailsa Avatar


  4. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    A bogan is a chav/scobe.

    “Jett ya flamin’ bogan”

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    Burger phone

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