A is for…

Since Home and Away is on hiatus, we decided to fill the gap with a guide to speaking the local lingo in the Bay. I must admit that we got an Australian consultant to help us with this so all of our definitions have been checked.

Let’s begin our lesson with A, which is for ambo. An ambo is what we would refer to as an ambulance driver here.

Add a comment if you have any other suggestions for A.






3 responses to “A is for…”

  1. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    Arvo or aavo something in which I must admit to adopting myself.

  2. Roo's Nose Avatar
    Roo’s Nose

    Alf! Followed swiftly by Aaaaagh you flamin gallah!

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Awwww yeah!

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