Lottie overheard Roo saying she isn’t much craic, so she enlisted Sasha to help her rebel. Personally, I think Sasha should’ve let her get a Blood and Sand tattoo. Roo and Lottie had a great oul’ row over it, and Alf was suitably smug that he wasn’t involved. The girls made up, anyway. Roo mentioned Martha. Ah, Martha. So mental.

Did the Lottie actress break her leg in real life?

Brax is doubly raging – at Hayley because she’s gonna free his da, and at Liam because he’s stupid enough to be involved with Hayley. Hayley is back on the gear, yet again.

Leah welcomed the counsellor lady to the Bay. She won’t be too happy when Natalie snares Brax.

Brax said “Oi” to some cops. It’s the perfect phrase for any occasion. His da is very sure of a release. Oi indeed.

Liam’s back on the gear. His hair got fairly messed up in the session. Also, he had a fit, but not as good as Bianca’s.





4 responses to “Rebels”

  1. BusToTheCity Avatar

    Is it just me or did Rock Stars fit look like he was playing air guitar on the floor?

  2. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Beeyonka’s fit was much better but I was impressed by Liam playing helicopter in the room by himself.

  3. Flathead Avatar

    I miss mad Martha.

    Liam’s helicopter game looked like great crack. I reckon they have a new acting coach who specialises in fit simulations.

  4. Strikemeroan (@strikemeroan) Avatar

    Anyone else think that Lottie and Hayley could be sisters? Or Charlie-and Ruby style mother and daughter?

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