Romeo reluctant

Ruby and Romeo aren’t going to last. Ruby is doing her best to keep her man all to herself, even warning Indi off talking to him. She wants them to move in together but he’s not sure they’re ready for that step. Indi has tried to stick to her promise but Romeo’s not too impressed with the cold shoulder treatment and confronts his wife/ex-wife. She revealed that Ruby warned her off, setting up a showdown.

Roo & Gina have been infected by the Summer Bay good Samaritaan trend, they’ve both taken in strays. First Jet then Lottie found new homes, so all’s well for the kids. There must be a local authority ruling that you can’t live in the town without taking in a troubled teen.

Jet is still on the rob and Hayley is still on the dope. Liam is back on the grog. Let’s hope that doesn’t lead him back to his wicked ways, Hayley is a bad influence on the poor fool but he doesn’t seem able to see it. He got locked playing the guitar and found her stash. Surely he won’t fall off the wagon again?

9 thoughts on “Romeo reluctant”

  1. Rockstar is well and truly on the rocks again. Cue another spell in rehab where he will and fall in love with Dr Melinda or whatever her name is.

    Loving Jett and JP. They are really getting on so well already!!!

    Romeo/ Ruby/ Indi. YAWN. YAWN. YAWN.

    Bring us more on Da Brax and more of Bianca’s recovery . Have they named the Riverbaby yet?

  2. Back on the grog. One of my favourite phrases of all time. Particularly effective when delivered by Irene

  3. Liamo rocking out on the bed was particularly funny with his guitar. Hayley must have attended the Home and Away seminar on hiding stuff! Level 2 of the seminar is where they talk about somebody in private while the person is sitting in earshot (Gina & JP discussing Jet (t))

  4. On a slightly related topic… can we have Jet(t)’s Ma added to the wall of death please? Or do we have to wait for another person to pop their clogs so that the wall is evenly built?

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