Good counsel

I LOVE Hospital Heath. He is always slagging off, and shouting at, the doctors. He’s incredulous at every decision they make, and every intervention they carry out. He should be the Ombudsman for Aussie hospitals.

Brax ran into Casey’s comely counsellor on the beach. She advised him to let Casey make up his own mind regarding Da Braxton. So, the brothers Braxton went to the prison together, where their father filled Casey with clich├ęs like, “You’ve always been a fighter”. Brax has his eye on the counsellor, and Casey has his eye on a repeat prison visit.

Melinda is falling apart, and Lottie has run away from home. Harvey is stepping in, with consoling hugs. I hope romance doesn’t blossom there.

9 thoughts on “Good counsel”

  1. Is Hayley still on drugs?
    Brax definitely has the hots for the councillor.

  2. Hippy counsellor and brax make a lovely couple! Leah will be spittin.
    Da brax has an Irish look about him. Lovin hospital Heath too.. Hospital April not so much :-/

  3. Also how come Hayley can now get a job in the city and earn enough for both her an Liam when last week she said that her career was ruined and no one would hire her that’s why she had to help Heath? Puzzling

  4. Harvey is such a good dad, he finds out she has run away but instead of going looking for her, he waits around so he can rub it in his ex wife’s face

  5. I nearly cried when Harvey said that Lottie had run away. Tears of sadness? Nope. Tears of joy. Please don’t let her ever be found. Ghastly creature.

  6. No such luck , Lottie has been found and all is well. Now we have Alf, Roo, Harve, Marylin, Romeo , Rubes and Lottie all under the one roof. Where on earth do they get the room for them all. Although to be fair, I guess Irene and Leah can only do so much…..

  7. I’ve just realised why Da Braxton looks familiar. The same actor played Lewis the rent-a-thug in Neighbours. You know, the character who framed Toadie and bashed Chris.

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