Save the baby

Bianca had a seizure right as she was due to have a c-section. She and Heath had previously agreed that the baby’s life was more important than hers and should be prioritised if it came down to a choice between the two. April flipped when she heard this but thankfully Sid and the crew were able to save both mother and baby boy. Heath looked pretty pleased with himself when he saw his flesh and blood.

Brax went to visit his old man in jail. No love lost between that pair and we all know it won’t be long before the Da is back on the street, causing havoc and adding tension to the storylines. Ma Braxton was bad enough, Da Braxton is even more annoying. I suppose they need a new villain now that Harvey and the Brax bros have been reformed. Where have the rest of the river boys disappeared to? Maybe Da Braxton can take over when he’s freed from prison.

Is Leah over Brax now? They seem to be able to have friendly chats without her fawning over him like she used to do. If so, each of them will need a new love interest soon.

There were no maggots in this episode.

8 thoughts on “Save the baby”

  1. How on earth did Ma Braxton and Da Braxton produce such rides? Genetics always did confuse me.

  2. I’ve been catching up on my day off, but think I’ve missed an omnibus. Why is Lottie on crutches? Also was there one of those episodes where a couple of months have passed, or was Bianca’s pregnancy the shortest ever?

  3. Da Brax and Ma Brax are definitely Heath’s parents. Da is an older version of Heath. With Darryl and Casey, well they just brought the wrong babies home from the hospital. No way can they be the parents. So we now can have a Baby Swap Shock storyline.

  4. Kudos to the lady who plays Beeeeeeanca for some top notch acting when she had that fit. Was the “baby” at the end some kind of robotic gizmo? Defo not real.

  5. It really was great acting with the fit. Love the way the RTE intro lady at lunchtime calls her Beeyonka just like us 😀

  6. Just flicked back through old posts and we found out Beeyonka was pregnant March 16th. Four months ago give or take a week here and there for stupid things like football and horseracing. So she’s actually in and around 7 months gone given that she was 11/12 weeks before she found out?

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