False accusations

Future cop Xavier Austin has it in for Jet. He’s convinced that the cheeky scamp is to blame for all of the recent crimes in the bay like Indi’s wallet theft and Marilyn’s mugging. Sasha tried to let him know how it feels to be accused in the wrong but Xav isn’t budging. Who needs evidence when you’ve got gut instincts? I don’t remember a cop having such a bee in his bonnet since Constable Risotto was obsessed with the elder Austin bro, Hugo.

Alf is doing it tough. He’s not impressed with all of the bayside developments since he returned. Romeo’s marriage collapsed, Roo’s going out with a criminal and Marilyn got her bag snatched while walking home. Is this the bay he knows and loves? He gave Roo a serve over the phone for deserting her friends and family, but his call was interrupted by his health, Alf collapsed on the floor. I hope it’s not his dicky ticker again.





9 responses to “False accusations”

  1. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    I have been waiting for you to post so that I could vent about xavier Ugh he is sooo annoying and self righteous not long ago he was caught up in people smuggling with his creepy bro! He has it in for jett and people namely his mother are letting him away with far too much lik letting him rock up to the school anytime he wants ‘bringing jett back’ methinks he should be shipped off back to cop academy ASAP!
    Poor Roo got a mouthful from alf before he collapsed, my money’s on dengue fever or malaria.. Haha constable risotto 🙂

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    What did Xavier do with all the money he got from Hugo?

  3. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    Romeo’s sister robbed it no?

  4. Liz Avatar

    They somehow sent it all back to Hugo and Martha via Roo, I think.

  5. stewart's point Avatar
    stewart’s point

    HANG ON! Roo has aided and abeted a known people smuggler & former drug addict cop deafing stripper with funds from a criminal enterprise?? Jets purse stealing and Harves election fixing don’t seem too bad now. I hope Alf didn’t.pick up anything off Cassie.

  6. PeterKevin Avatar

    Poor Alf. Back to sort out the turmoil of the Bay and he’s already crook. And while he’s on his sickbed, his loving daughter choose to lecture him on her devotion to Crimmo Harve who treats her like a doormat.

    Poor Gina. She tries to help the lost causes, Jett, Casey , Sash et al and gets flip all thanks fo it. Now Jp will be saying ” I told you so” even louder.

    Poor Jet. With Sal and Miles gone and Leah busy with washes-up Rockstar, whose gonna take him in?

  7. Bazza Avatar

    Poor Sasha. Trying to impress Casey with her ballet/whore costume

  8. Bazza Avatar

    What a jerk move by Palmer

  9. PeterKevin Avatar

    Whats the odds that Jett will be back in the Bay soon with Gina as his foster mum? JP & Xav will have to get their act together then.

    Just realised that Romeo has a version of Charlie’s Blank Look. He had that expression on his face all through his “chat” with Logan and then when he turned round and surprise, surprise, there was Ruby eavesdropping.

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