Dishy Dex in demand

Do Lottie & Dex have a future? Lottie has April to contend with, a formidable opponent. I reckon April will get her way in the end, Dex can only resist for so long. He spent the day with April in the hospital & then lied to Lottie about it. Sid warned him off stringing two girls along at once, he’d know about that given his womanising past. Make your mind up time for Dex.

Sid says Bianca’s baby isn’t doing well. Mother & child will have to stay in for monitoring. When Heath heard, he didn’t take the news at all well. He went straight home to get locked, despite Brax warning him off. Bit rich of Brax given how often he goes on the batter when under pressure. How many times has Brax given Heath the “cop yourself on Bro” speech? Has he ever listened to it? In one ear and out the other.

Heath has very little respect for the medical profession. He reckons they’re always stuffing things up at the hospital. Dr Sid, nurse Dex & future Dr April won’t be impressed with that. Heath should go to college for seven years and study medicine, go to the hospital and show them all what they’re doing wrong.





3 responses to “Dishy Dex in demand”

  1. toadettee Avatar

    when sid said yesterday that biancas baby wasnt growing as well as they had hoped i thought they were going to say her dates were wrong and it was actually liams baby!!!!!

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Ah that would have sorted everything out!

  3. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    I love the Braxton solution to everything, crack open a few stubbies then start on the hard stuff.

    I thought Dex’s eyes were going to pop out when he seen April in that towel, cop yourself on lad & get back with her!!!

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