There’s a new little brat in town. He stole a wallet on the beach, gave John jip, nicked Veej’s shirt, and punched him. Best of all, I think his name is Jet? Who’ll adopt him, do you think?

Harvey is v annoyed that Roo knows about Dead Ben. Cop on, Harve.

Dex told April to sling her hook, and that he liked her better when she was less sly. Those River Boys have been the ruination of many a woman. Rogaine 2%

4 thoughts on “Bratty”

  1. Jett / Jet is so looking like a junior River Boy.

    Many a good woman may have been ruined by the Boys but at least April is still alive. Tegan and Charlie weren’t so lucky. Dex is right though. April can take a hike for what she did to him.

    Harve is a yawn. Hope he gets jail soon…..

  2. Jet is needing a toe up the hole. What a little brat!! Noticed he’s listed with the main cast but VJ is only listed under guest cast. What’s that all about!!

  3. Oh no!! Beeyanka and Rockstar should have known better than to try and leave Summer Bay for a happy life SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! It never works out , ye should know that by now.

  4. So that’s 2 Summer Bay marriages ended in the space of a few weeks. Am I right, are JP and Gina the only married couple left?

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