Sly one April

April has finally come to her senses, shaken off the River Boy, and realised Dex is the man for her. She elbowed her way into Dex and Lottie’s rock hunt, pretended to sprain her ankle, and told Nurse Walker she loves him. I hope she means it this time, the changeable wench!

The scriptwriters are having a great laugh with Harvey. This week alone they’ve invented a rigged election and a dead son, none of which he told Roo about, until he had to. Actually ,Sid told her about the dead son. Just call him Sid Smart. No-one in that town can keep their mouth shut.

So, what will Harvey’s next invented past storyline be? Maybe he pole-danced with Martha, or people-smuggled with Hugo? Perhaps he and Rhys were workout buddies, or he went to art class with Hayley. The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, does this mean Alf will be appointed to council? That would change the Bay forever (again)!





10 responses to “Sly one April”

  1. Liz Avatar

    I thought Harvey had lived in the bay for a long time – didn’t he mention being at school with Roo? So how come nobody knew about his son – or knew about his marriage to tell Roo? Surely one of Madge Wilkins’ cronies would have let on and the news would have taken its natural path to Colleen and hence everyone.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    It’s all a bit suss isn’t it? Madge Wilkins would surely have been on the case, or Miss Groper 1950 herself.

  3. PeterKevin Avatar

    Its a bit of a joke at this stage. How many more dark secrets can they find on Harve?

    April is a pain. Messing up Dex’s fossil hunting trip with Lottie. She’s a selfish young wan, I have no doubt she’ll dump Dex in jig time.

  4. strikemeroan Avatar

    Dex needs to avoid April like kryptonite. Lottie is annoying but seems somewhat more decent than April

    Best things about that ep: Dex’s straw hat and Marilyn’s mad hair. Her and Ruby must be swapping styles.

    Harvey and Roo – SO MANY ZZZZZs

  5. Sergeant Watson Avatar

    How young is Lottie supposed to be, and how old is Dex? She looks about 14 and he’s Nurse Walker so he must be about 18. Would be weird if they end up together. He does need to stay away from April though, god knows what you’d catch from her.

  6. The tester Avatar

    Good point SW, it is sexual health awareness week, after all.

    SMR, I also commented both on Marilyn’s hair and Dex’s hat. Winners.

  7. Ailsa Avatar

    Eh that was me oops

  8. Brodie Avatar

    I’m Harvey Ryans long lost daughter…..

  9. PeterKevin Avatar

    I’ll bet Harve’s widowed mother will turn up as an eccentric recluse living near Yabbie Creek. Lottie and Dex will wander onto her land while on a nature trip and she’ll threaten them with a shotgun but then relent and offer them tea and while she’s making the tea, Supersleuth Lottie will look around the house and find a photo of her dad and the truth will out and it will turn out that Harve’s dad had a dark secret so Harve fled home as soon as he was 18 and had this guilt all his life at leaving his mother alone and then Ma Ryan will refuse to meet him until one day she’ll be persuaded to go to the Diner for chocolate cake and she’ll be served by Roo and will tell her that she’s Havre’s Ma and then Roo will say to Harve
    ” You never told me you had a reclusive , eccentric mother………

  10. Ailsa Avatar

    Hahahahaha bravo

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