Overnight bump

Well, Bianca grew a baby bump overnight, decided to leave town, Liam quit his job, and Heath felt the baby kick. How many times has Liam caught Bianca and Heath together? He got mad and basically admitted he doesn’t want the baby. In fairness, who wants to raise a River Baby? They’d be permanently topless, and always causing fights. Your house and head would be wrecked.

Bianca and April are sly hos. Bianca ran straight to Irene when she was upset, but when Irene had cancer, she basically ignored her. April had no interest in Dex till he found a new buddy. HOS.

P.S. How come Bianca never speaks Italian anymore?

P.P.S. Liam Murphy has some neck telling Leah to clear out of her own house for the evening.

7 thoughts on “Overnight bump”

  1. HOS, yo. That is some RealTalk. Fecking April, Dex is well shot. Tho Lottie’s fairly annoying too. And looks about 14, but that never stopped a Summer Bay boy/girl before

  2. Heath looked so badly sunburned in that episode. You’d think they’d paint on a bit of sunscreen while they’re doing the tats each morning.
    Beeyonka seems to be back to Bitchy Beeyonka now that the hair is straight again.
    I keep watching Indi’s sister to see if she has the same stick out arse!!

  3. Beeyanka probably gave up the Italian lingo cos neither Rockstar nor Heath are much good with basic English so it might be a stretch too far for them.

    I love the way all the teachers at Summer Bay High have such loyalty to the place and its students. Beeyanka doesn’t think anything of leaving the place at short notice and Henri happily lies and lies about her “tutoring sessions” with Case. Both of them must take Gina for a fool. It would never have happened in Flahead’s day.

  4. So my lovely housemate, who we shall call Preggo, is currently 5.5 months pregnant. My how we laughed about Beeyanka and her ridiculous suddenly appearing bump, and her insane WOAH THE BABY JUST KICKED reaction. You’d be lucky to get a hardly noticeable flutter at the stage she’s at now… Ridonkulous. But that’s our beloved H&A all over, wouldn’t change it for the world!

    Heath, still looking hot, I’d have flipped off the Rockstar a long time ago, despite having a personal penchant for rockstars.

  5. Actually I think I prefer the Summer Bay Time Warp pregnancies, cos the time they did a real-time one with Rachel it just felt like she was pregnant FOREVER

  6. ‘Nothing else I need to know about?’ another one of Braxs most said phrases

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