Sasha rebashed

Poor Sasha. She must have thought her bashee days were behind her, once she offed Stu. However, the young ladies of Summer Bay High had different ideas, and laid into her. One of them stupidly recorded it on their phone. Dex made her tell Sid, who immediately went into Angry Dad mode. Gina found out it was Kristie, and gave her the third degree. Kristie wears too much eyeliner and now is being expelled. Sasha can wear her fingerless gloves in peace.

Stu’s basher dad is in hospital. He had a heart attack, and Sid saved him. They’re best buds now, so Sid got his job back. Heart attacks must turn people sound.

Casey and Henri are flirting, which made me question: has any lucky lady scored the Braxton hat-trick? The younger brother Braxton was unimpressed when April told him that Henri and The Fool took it to the next level. Cue crap brotherly shoving on the beach.

Casey does a fabulous confused face.

4 thoughts on “Sasha rebashed”

  1. But the more important question is, who does a better confused face, Casey or Charlie? There’s only one way to find out…….. eh……… side by side photos?

  2. Really enjoyed seeing Sid ride in on his patients trolley like a jockey, quite unconventional but it was enough to convince the powers that be to hive him his job back

  3. haha cant stop laughing at that comment Bazza, so true, we all laughed in our house, it was inevitable that he was getting his job back after that scene.Loved that he was also going to polish off a bottle of plonk on his own-some unless Roo happens to call by with some motherly advice!!
    Casey seems to have something more going on than Charlie in the eyes, think he darts them more. must check out later as I am sure he will still be confused this evening..

  4. Love love Casey’s confused face. Side by side comparisons please!
    Don’t think we’ve had anyone score the hat-trick yet, though Tegan scored 1 and 2, and Henri 2 and 3. Clearly Heath isn’t bothered about sloppy seconds.

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