Surfie 4 life

Romeo finally stood up to Indi and said he’s gonna be a surfie 4 life. She looked disgusted. He didn’t tell her Ruby is going to the next comp. Apparently she’s happiest on a board. First I heard of it.

Speaking of Mrs. Smyth, when does she go to college? She’s always in the bleedin’ diner.

Roo blew off dinner with Harvey at the last minute as Sasha the Basha needed her. Harvey found some young Sheila to show off and make Roo jealous.

Sasha’s off to stay with Morag for a while, the lucky yoke. She even remembered she had a brother and asked if he could come too. They’ll probably make him live in the toilet though.

Poor Stu’s ma all the same. Not only is her husband a thick, her son is dead. Sick for her.

5 thoughts on “Surfie 4 life”

  1. Harvey really does just get creepier by the episode. You’ve some couples that you hope and hope will get together but these two deinitely aren’t one of those couples. Harvey is neither cute nor charming, he’s just a weird mouthed psycho stalker.

  2. Yes. Very weird. And btw dies Roo have flamin’ nits or what? She’s constantly fidgeting and scratching herself.
    Romeo’d want to watch himself with that Ruby. “only happy on the surf” mar ya!!

  3. Horrible Harvey and his manky mouth, where the hell is he picking up these chicks.. Definitely a Summer Bay escort agency scandal on the cards!! Roo’s red floaty number aired again which was a nice treat, cant believe that Sid see’s her as a mother substitute for Sasha. Cant wait to see Indi’s scowl when Rubes lets it slip she is going on the surfing circuit too.. exciting!!

  4. What a drop kick dullard that Romeo is. Oh yeah why not head off up the coast surfing with Ruby, the Summer Bay bike, yeah you know the girl you lost your virginity with when you cheated on your wife to be!

    The very wife you are leaving behind even though her half sister is to stand trial for murder. No job, dropped out of school, lives with his father in law because he can’t be arsed to provide for his wife. Has the man no shame??

  5. Romeo’s a class A muppet alright. Loved the way Marilyn took charge of trying to sort the whole Indi/ Romeo situation. Sid is a lucky bloke . Maz will look after any “situations” involving Indi and Roo will sort out any involving Sash. He’ll never have to do any parenting again.

    By the way , has Sid got his job back yet? Now that the case about the Stu-bashing can’t go ahead, is there any reason why he isn’t back at SB General? They’ll need a doctor for all Bianca’s preganancy scares.

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