Karaoke night

In a strange move, the River Boys and the Rockstar held a karaoke night at Angelo’s. Every good singer in the cast did a number. Colleen sang too, but the show went to a break! I bet she sang “Gravel Pit”. One two, one two!

Bianca told April about the pregnancy, April told Heath, Heath asked Bianca if it was his. How pregnant is Bianca? I hope Sid does his inspection soon so we can find out.

SERGEANT Watson is after Xavier and Dexter for the Stu murder. Sasha is looking very worried.

12 thoughts on “Karaoke night”

  1. Wasn’t Irene a country and western singer about 10 years ago or am I losing my marbles? Pretty sure she had a record deal and all.

  2. Bianca may as well take out an ad in the Coastal News. Expecting April to keep it a secret was a bit naive of her.

    Could Xav’s glittering police career be over before its even begun?

  3. I want JP to come to Ireland and do bus tours. That would be the best thing ever. Him driving past poor Xav and then looking back was the funniest scene in a while!

  4. Ooh, ooh, can I help? Ruby isn’t really all alone after all of her family dying. Morag is her step grandmother which means Alf is her stepgranduncle which makes Roo her step cousin 😀 Loadsa family!

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