You know we bongo together

So, after much ado, Bianca and Liam got married. I don’t know why Marilyn’s hairdressing business never took off, she’s got skillz yo.

Heath texted April, Bianca saw the text, went to find Heath to give out, was spotted getting into his car by that nuisance paparazzo, Heath and Bianca took off in the car, paparazzo gave chase, Heath went off-road to lose the snapper, and got a flat. So, everyone at the wedding presumed Bianca had done a runner. Understandable, that, seeing as that’s what happened last time she had a do.

In true Summer-Bay stylee, loads of people were missing. Neither party’s parents (or in the case of Liam, children) were there, Indi didn’t bother as her da is a murder suspect and she didn’t want questions, and Irene stayed at home on account of her dicky ticker. Luckily, Roo wore enough dress for 7 people, so that bulked out the crowd a bit.

Axle “Bongo” Whitehead’s version of the Home and Away theme accompanied the ceremony. It’s bouncy.

Sasha’s hair-bow-yoke was found where Stu met his maker. The net is closing.

9 thoughts on “You know we bongo together”

  1. Roo’s dress outshone the brides. I even noticed Roo stroking it at one point. Reckon Heath felt relieved that Bianca was marrying the rockstar when she was stropping in the yewt. what a crap photographer showing Liamo the money shots

  2. naturally liam didnt need to know what she was doing with heath before they tied the knot.

  3. ‘what were you doing right before our wedding with your hunky River Boy former lover????’

    ‘i love you!’

    ‘ok lets get married’

    fantastic scenes altogether!

  4. Anyone else notice April’s uncanny resemblence to a cone-head?? Seriously, who comes up with the hairstyles??

  5. April had to fulfill the Number One Bridesmaid Rule. Never Outshine the Bride. Hence the brutal hairstyle , the yuk dress , with not a hint of cleaveage in sight and the Claire’s accessories earrings………

  6. Bianca acted her ass off there. I’d say she needed a lot of Vicks after all the shouting.

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