Ex in the city

Ruby (-Casey) + Morag + the city = a barrel of laughs. She’s out on her own in the big smoke, well, almost on her own. She’s living with Morag in the city and living it up, doing her best to forget about Charlie and move on. Moving on included dumping Casey when he went to visit. She couldn’t even look at him, the poor cratur.

But one heart to heart from Morag and all that changed, she returned to the bay and moved back in with Leah. Morag reckons she needs to sort her head out before she moves on with her life.

Boozed up Brax is hitting rock bottom. He has been given the run around by the new criminal overlord Geoffrey and was made a fool of by trying to tip the cops off about his booze stash. For his next trick, he tried to burn down Angelo’s only for Leah to stop him at the last moment. She subsequently brought him home and watched him puke everywhere. Could have been worse I suppose, he could have chucked up on her like she did on Roman.

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  1. Nothing to do with the episode up there, but I feel it’s worth mentioning. Just happened across this when I was on twitter earlier! Looks like the actors who play Xavier, Romeo, Casey and Dex are making plans to come to Dublin!! https://twitter.com/#!/dJonesRoberts

  2. Doesn’t Morag’s place in the city look posh?!

    I thought the scenes between her (Cornelia Frances) and Ruby (Rebecca Breeds) were brilliant.

  3. That was some pretty convincing retching by Brax – maybe he did a fingers-down-the-throat trick before the cameras started rolling. Also check him out putting out the match IN HIS FIST. That’s how ‘ard he is.

  4. Wasnt Elijah annoying, wonder is he going to get jealous that Leah is spending too much time with Brax. Morag looked fab with her orange hair and red cardi, like a summer bay sunset. Must be a Braxton thing, Casey also has problems with pausing and momentarily forgetting his lines, Loved Brax kicking in the door with Watson

  5. Just looked up the stuff about the boys coming to Dublin – exciting stuff! Xavier better be careful not to fall off a motorbike or get hit by a bus – somehow I think the Mater A&E wont be as efficient as Yabbie Creek

  6. Creeping Jesus, A.K.A. Elijah, is doing my bleedin’ head in. The guy is a sleeze, moping around Summer Bay like a dog in heat, trying to get his leg over with Leah. Grrrrrr. Besides being Leah’s shadow what exactly does he do?

  7. Elijah doesn’t seem to do much other than hang around Leah’s. No church work and the shelter is totally forgotten about. GRRRRRR…

    Loved Leah’s good samaritan act with Brax. Clearly she has guilt issues after driving Miles out of the Bay and she feels that she has to do some good to make up for all her baaaadness.

    Morag and Ruby’s scenes were class. Real acting.

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