Selina Roberts

Selina arrived in the bay with a bad attitude and a bad mother. She ditched them both and changed her ways to become a shining light of goodness by the time she left. She moved in with Irene and liked it so much that she even adopted her name.

Selina met a boy called Jesse. He was a bit of a bad boy but that wasn’t a problem for Selina. Selina was a great one for leading fellas up the stairs by the hand in Irene’s house which usually meant that they were about to take it to the next level. That happened quite a few times. She pioneered that move but many others have taken up that torch since then, including Gypsy, Martha and Nicole.

As well as dating Jessie, she also went out with Jack Wilson. Jack, like Selina, was a bit of a tearaway but had a good heart, don’t they all? Selina also had a fling with Damian, Irene’s son, which led to a teen pregnancy. She miscarried in the school which was pretty traumatic event for her.

She had many advertures during her time in the bay, which included joining a cult led by Saul. Saul had a powerful effect on Selina and became a bit obsessed with her. She overcame his brainwashing after her friends intervened but that wasn’t enough for Saul and he kidnapped her not once, not twice but three times. Persistance sometimes pays off but not in this case, he got shot to bits by the cops.

Selina had a thing for Stephen Matheson, one of the original cast members who made a return as an adult. This would have been fine except for the fact that he was Selina’s teacher. The broke off their illicit affair and he left town but she still harboured feelings for him when she was going out with Jesse. When she bumped into Stevo again, she couldn’t deny her feelings for him. They agreed to get married and managed to go through with it at the second attempt, the first was a non-starter what with all the kidnapping and shooting. The course of true love never did run smooth.





8 responses to “Selina Roberts”

  1. Ailsa Avatar

    Bad, to have a bad mother

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Selina was very pouty and VERY fond of eyeliner. I’d say she and Nicole would have got on like a house on fire.

  3. Struth Avatar

    A bee also went into her drink can on the beach and she was allergic and almost died. It’s sad I remember that

  4. String Avatar

    The kidnapping in all its glory.

  5. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, the main thing I remember about Selina is her white socks with her black boot-shoe things, shudder. And the scrapey headband. No sense of styal.

  6. HogansGhost! Avatar

    What about her inability to wear a matching pair of earrings? That never really caught on either!

  7. strikemeroan Avatar

    My most abiding memory of Selina’s fashion sense was the black plastic bracelets she used to wear. About 20 on each arm. Very 90s.

  8. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    Aw we just talked about the bee episode recently. I loved how the camera zoomed in on the bee as it circled the can.

    Also, it should be time for Jesse to get out of jail. He is delish.

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