Charlie’s a goner

So, Charlie is dead. Or more correctly, she’s braindead. It never stopped her doing her job before, but Dr. Sid is keen for Ruby to pull the plug. Maybe he’s anxious to have the room free for the next time Xavier gets injured.

Brax and Jake had a fight/chase, which ended in Jake being taken away by the cops. He’s not too clever, old Jake; he’s going straight back into the slammer. Maybe he likes it.

Ruby is coming around to the idea of turning off Charlie’s machines. Brax is not so happy with it. I foresee a massive outburst of rage.

There is one thing that the good Doctor Walker hasn’t tried, though. Why not get all the River Boys around to the hospital and have them take off their tops? If anything could revive a braindead woman, that’d be it.

There’s a new cop. He seems useless. He gave Sid a good talking-to when he was leaving the cells.

Stu’s dad showed up in the hospital. Turns out he is fairly scobey. Not surprising really.

Elijah is doing a LOT of hanging around the Patterson-Bakers. What about his job?






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  1. strikemeroan Avatar

    Elijah is being creepy, buying Veej loads of flash new football gear to stay on Leah’s good side. Still can’t forgive that pair for driving away Miles.

    Hope the pulling-the-plug decision isn’t dragged out too long. Maybe Xavier will trip over it or something, making the decision for them.

    Just noticed Miles on your wall of death, hilarious! Hopefully he will return SOON

  2. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    I can just picture that happening as Xavier goes in to comfort Ruby!!
    Love the pic on the wall of death of Charlie. So vacant, so confused.

  3. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Ooh yes a River Boys Procedure would snap any gal out of a coma. The last two episodes were VERY EXCITING. More of this please! Thank God the Brax boys will be too broken hearted to move to the city now, we get to keep em. RIP Charlie, you wooden goddess of average police skills.

    Where does the good Reverend get all the riches to pay for Veej’s sports goods?

    And please can we use the geographically correct term for Stu’s dad? Its bogan, not scobey.

  4. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off = RTE Player’s ‘Charlie through the years’ album. *sad applause*


  5. Ailsa Avatar

    I reckon Brax will stay put and turn bad again.

    I forgot about bogans hahaahaha.

    Those photos are amazing. She really did only have about 3 facial expressions.

    I wonder will Joey go to the funeral?

  6. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Someone in RTE clearly gets us. I had to plaster the one of the two boys topless all over my Facebook. Classy bird.

    Brax will stay and go back to being bad, himself & Heath will have threesomes with all the female formal goers.

  7. Ailsa Avatar

    April would LOVE that!

  8. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    I’d bleedin love that…

  9. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Stu’s dad’s name is actually Jim McDonald so it is.

  10. Constable Watson Avatar

    Jaysis, that all happened very quickly! Bets on that in a week they’ll all have forgotten who Charlie was except for Ruby who will have redeveloped her ‘drinking problem’.
    Here’s hoping Watson can hold down the fort in YCPD, wonder if Fitzy will be back off maternity leave to reclaim her role.
    I will forever hold a grudge against Leaijah for driving Miles away. Even if it was just a convenient plot point so the actor playing him could leave the show.

  11. strikemeroan Avatar

    Leaijah suck and they can feck off

  12. strikemeroan Avatar

    That photo album is the greatest. The one with her looking lascivioulsy at Brax’s arse is hilarious. Wooden perving

  13. strikemeroan Avatar

    Why cant I see Charlie on the wall of death? The most recent pic I can see is the Bring Back Miles one

  14. Ailsa Avatar

    She’s there alright, you might need to clear your cache – hit refresh a few times either!

  15. strikemeroan Avatar

    Ah there she is! Wooden perfection.

  16. PeterKevin Avatar

    Having carefully watched these episodes again, I can now come to the following conclusions,

    1. The reason why there’s so much crime in Summer Bay?

    Nobody bothers to close, let alone lock, their doors. For example, April and Heath go back to Irene’s to Do the Deed. Heath follows April to the bedroom and leaves the door wide open. The morning of the shooting, Brax, Casey and Rubes return to Leah’s. None of them think its strange that the back door is wide open, despite the fact that Leah & as far as they then know, Charlie have gone to work. Jake gets into the Braxtons’ empty house to wait for Brax. The door isn’t broken or damaged so clearly it must have been unlocked and he just strolled in.

    2. The manner in which Brax chased down Jake and ran him off the road shows the kind of driving skills and persistence that has been lacking in YCPD. Brax should join Xav at the Police Academy.

    3. Leah is sooo annoying. Coming to the hospital and announcing that Jake Pirowitz was a suspect without thinking of the reaction it might bring from Brax.

    4. Summer Bay sun must increase your cleavage. April and Rubes continue to lead the way.

    5. Congrats to Heath who now joins an honoured group in Summer Bay. Doing the Deed with 2 members of the same family takes him in to a catergory with the likes of Flathead, Amanda Vale & Drew Curtis to name but a few!!!!!!

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