Cop killer

I had suspected that Charlie might go out with a bang but that wasn’t what I was expecting. Who the hell was that? Was it Jake’s brother? Poor Charlie, 2 bullets to the chest, no way she could survive that in the real world . If only there were an amazing surgeon-pediatrician-MD-psychiatrist-nurse-ambo around to perform a life saving operation. Unfortunately for Charlie, the only one of those is banged up for bashing Stew.

Ever since Nicole left town, there’s been an absence of promiscuity. Maybe April is auditioning for the new Nicole. She’s following in a long line of good girls gone bad stretching back to Selina via Martha and Nicole along the way. April was going to do her best to take it to the next level and it didn’t matter who it was with, even her sister’s ex. She and Heath went straight from level zero to all the way. She was thrilled when she woke up next to him the following morning. Seeing him hop out the window made me nostalgic for the glory days of Belle and Aden. Bianca is going to flip when she finds out, that would be a mighty bombshell to blow up on her wedding day.





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  1. SummerBaySuperBods Avatar

    That episode was as close to soft porn as you’re ever gonna see at tea time on RTE. There were 4 scenes in a row in which the following happened –

    1. April and Heath pash in his ute.
    2. Chaz and Brax pash on the couch.
    3. Ruby (in a skimpy nightie) and Casey pash in the kitchen and then rush off to the bedroom to take it to the next level.
    4. April and Heath in her bedroom, he unclasps her bra (which we see in close up) and her cherry goes-a-poppin’.

    Down with this sort of thing!

  2. strikemeroan Avatar

    Charlie was a goner the minute she said ‘just one more day and we’re free’. The law of TV insists a cop is always gunned down when they’re one day from retirement, or running off the to The City in this case

  3. flamin' koala Avatar
    flamin’ koala

    Don’t forget the two randomer on the beach near April and Dex…

  4. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Steamy windows Episode is right.. April was like the cat who got the cream when Irene came in for the lowdown. We also got to see Rubys Pocahontas hairdo again which was an added bonus. Poor Charlie, can she come out of this.. I fear not. Marlyn did predict a death with the old tarots. And what are the chances that Sid would be banged up when the biggest ER emergency happenes since Xavier got poisoned/knocked of his moped etc etc..

  5. Bazza Avatar

    The good news at least is that with Charlie out of commission the police have a better chance of solving who did it

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    Hahaha brilliant

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