Miles away

April has been shopping in Luscious lingerie and she also bought some rubber johnnies. Bianca is a bit freaked by the fact that her little sister might be taking things to the next level but Irene told her to take a chill pill. Bianca tried to convince April that her first time should be with someone she loves, while April just wants to get it over with anyone and Xavier will do. Bianca and Liam are heading to the city, but she managed to convince April to hold off on the deflowering for now.

Dex and Dallas are building a nice relationship, especially now that Dex found out herself and her son live in a car. Dex is a sucker for a girl in need, given that he has a heart of gold. He even organised a van for her in the caravan park, fair play. He’ll need her as an object for his affections once he finds out that April is about to take her love to town.

Miles and Elijah had another showdown. Miles is well pissed off with the Rev, but still shook his hand as they said their goodbyes. I’ll miss Miles, he’s been a good addition to the bay, Roo and Alf are going to take over the caravan park. Farewell Milco, Australia’s loss is Thailand’s gain.





12 responses to “Miles away”

  1. Belle Avatar

    Two classic H&A lines in tonights show from the rev,
    ‘I’ll go to the city. I just wanna do the right thing’ Love it!! Do the right thing by fecking off back to Africa altogether!

  2. Come Back Milo Avatar
    Come Back Milo

    Who are we going to watch stuffing their gobs in EVERY scene they are in now???

    Come back Milo!!!!

    Did Xavier ever sell the car? I’m hoping he’ll feck off next.

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    I am very sad about Miles leaving. He was a nice, real kind of character. Also he was a bit of a laugh and somehow got away with having a mental illness without being sent to the City or the Whitsundays. I wonder if he’ll meet Rabbit again in Thailand.

  4. gilly Avatar

    im devestated that miles is gone!

  5. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Never realised how tall Miles is! Love how his last interaction was offering a mega bag of crisps out the window of the car to Veej. Miss him already.

    I think Elijah is beyond redemption, he’s turned into such a horrible waste of space character. Glad Miles gave him a mouth full before leaving. The only way he could slightly redeem himself is by knocking off Harvey and going to jail straight away a lá Will.

  6. strikemeroan Avatar

    Miles! Nooooo! Come back! I’m actually surprised at the strength of my distress. I’d grown accustomed to his one liners & wacky tshirts & constant snacking. Major sadface

  7. SummerBaySuperBods Avatar

    Did Miles even bother to inform Gina that he’s packing up his job and that she needs to be on the lookout for a new teacher?

    I can already see how it will pan out on the first day back at school –

    Absolute bedlam coming from a classroom as Gina walks down the corridor. She bursts in the door to find students fighting, paper being thrown about, desks knocked over.


    “What the hell is going on??, where is Mr. Copeland??”

    “Thailand Miss”.


  8. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Yeah pretty sad to see Miles go too! He could be really funny when he wasn’t broken hearted & boring. His eating will be truly missed, no one chows down like Miles.

    Was it not a bit strange how he literally disappeared in a day?! Surely it could have been written in a little better, unless it was a sudden decision. I kinda want to take a trip to Thailand to hang with all the great ex-Bayers there.

  9. Ailsa Avatar

    SBSB I would like to see that scene. It should happen.

    DS everyone disappears in a day. Remember Geoff? “When are you going?” “Tomorrow”

  10. strikemeroan Avatar

    ‘Where are you going?’ ‘Overseas’

  11. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    This whole ‘Turning April into a slut’ theme is just opening the door for a teenage pregnancy storyline.
    It’s been a while.

  12. strikemeroan Avatar

    If April gets preggers and continues with her medical studies she could deliver her own baby

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