Bianca’s engaged again

Liam and Bianca are engaged. It must be at least two weeks since she had sex with another man, so fair enough. Good one by Liam taping the ring inside her motorbike helmet. I hope they invite His Royal Highness Vittorio.

Indi found out Romeo gave Mink their savings. She gave him a bollocking, and rightly so. I hope she still has her own bank account.

Romeo gave the weird spy fella info on the new development, which weird spy fella passed onto Harvey. Harvey announced this at a council rally, and everyone was strangely disgusted at what looked like a nice new development to me.

In terrible news, Miles is leaving. Sally got him a teaching job in Thailand, the wench. He can’t take being around Leah anymore. Boooo.

Lastly, I wish Colleen would call to my house with scones. She could nose around all she wanted.

Oh, actually, I forgot that Leah saw Little Brax when Big Brax and Charlie were having night-time boldness in the kitchen. Why don’t either of the lovebirds have their own house?





3 responses to “Bianca’s engaged again”

  1. Bazza Avatar

    As valid as Harveys concerns about the ‘development’ may be I would never vote for anyone who’s rally took place on a beach with three print out pages taped to a whiteboard, very shoddy

  2. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Little Brax, hehehe. Can’t imagine Little Heath is very little. Gonna go take a lie down 😉

  3. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Jaysus I hardly clocked the rest of the programme, I was so dazed at NAKED BRAX in the kitchen… I just watched it again there, to make sure I didn’t make it up.

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