Mysterious silhouette

Who was the mystery weirdo watching Charlie and Brax having a pash? Wouldn’t it be deadly if it was Alf, and this was a hobby of his?

Anyway would Charlie and Brax ever eff off? She’s a cop and bad at her job. He’s a prior dealie (betcha that’s a word) with ties to his past. I get it, it’s a conflict. Zzzzzzzz

Miles found out about Elijah fancying Leah. He was heartbroken, poor thing. Leah doesn’t know, and has no interest in the Rev. Good woman Leah, he’s turned into a SAP. Miles is going to visit Sally in Thailand, hopefully he meets Cassie and Baby Henk too.

Romeo got yet another job, and immediately asked for an advance. My faith in his business acumen is dwindling by the day.

Sid and Roo are an item again. Turns out she loves paeLLa.





13 responses to “Mysterious silhouette”

  1. strikemeroan Avatar

    Imagine if Alf was the mystery pash-watcher! It’d be like Groundskeeper Willie and his video collection of couples in cars

  2. Struth Avatar

    Cassir must surely be dead by now!

  3. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    The silhouette is definitely that gangster guy right? He’s not gonna let sleeping Brax lie. In fairness, I wouldn’t let sleeping Brax lie, pfnar pfnar. Stop saying you want him to eff off! Its very stressful, all this talk of the brothers leaving the bay.

    Completely off topic, recently I got to thinking (Carrie Bradshaw voice), I’d love a thread to discuss the music of Home & Away. I’m a bit of a nerd about obscure Australian music, and keep hearing bits & pieces of bands I know popping up in the diner, dances, car markets etc. Any chance you could start something up about that so we can swap band links? We could put together a Summer Bay playlist that would surely light the bush fire of our H&A passions even further….

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    Ooh I’ll start a page for you DS. Someone told us yesterday on Twitter that Drew is in Neighbours now. I hope you won’t abandon us!

  5. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    All this talk of Brax leaving and wanting Casey and Heath to go with him is very distressing. Why can’t we just keep the 3 of them and get rid of Elijaaaah?

    Oh and if it came down to a choice between keeping Miles or Elijaaah, Miles should stay forever.

  6. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Yes I had heard that alright about Drew in Neighbours, apparently he’s gay in it. Everything in the world has flipped.

    Without Miles the Comfort Eater, the Bay would be a sadder place. Agree about Elijaaaahhh, snore.

  7. PeterKevin Avatar

    Maybe the mystery watcher is the pretend gangster guy Geoff who wants to buy the restaurant? He looks creepy enough and seemed to know a lot about Brax’s “beautiful girlfriend”.

  8. strikemeroan Avatar

    Isn’t it hilarious how we’re all so obsessed with Home and Away and yet have no time at all for Neighbours?! Whenever H&A is off for summer or Xmas and Neighbours is still on I get really cross, I’m like GO AWAY STUPID NON HOME AND AWAY NEIGHBOURS!

  9. MixTapePR Avatar

    This is very true Strikemeroan. I’ve been on Real Life Ramsey street and could barely summon enough energy to take a photo. Was also at Real Summer Bay and staged a series of photo stories with myself & my mates posing in dramatic scenes which I still hold dear to my heart many years later… The proof is in the passion.

  10. Ailsa Avatar

    Yeah I’ve never watched Neighbours in my life. I bet it’s exactly the same. Although Flathead told me the other day that it’s set in The City, which I never knew. No beach in an Aussie soap, WHAT?

  11. strikemeroan Avatar

    Yeah it’s set in the ‘burbs. Boring! The only time I ever watched a few episodes was when they had the Irish character who was illiterate ‘because of the Troubles’

  12. eilo Avatar

    I was bold again and found out who shadowy figure was. Now I’m traumatized… can’t believe it. The Bay will never be the same…

  13. Ailsa Avatar

    Oh you pup! Had a look at your blog there, will be subscribing!

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