Corpulence, conflict and corruption

Harvey is continuing to spread rumours about John Palmer and his corrupt ways. Roo got involved and asked him to stop, to no avail. Rumours tend to get believed in small towns like the bay so John’s in strife with the council now, they want him to resign. Harvey needs stopping asap.

Miles is heading for a fall. He seems to think himself and Leah are headed for a reconciliation but Leah has other ideas and lied to him on the phone. To top it all, Colleen told him that he was looking a bit fat. I’m surprised how thin he is considering he stuffs his face in most scenes.

Sash is in hospital with her infection. Stu had a showdown with Sid, who got a taste of his anger. The doc won’t let him anywhere near Sasha now. But he got the impression that Stu convinced her to get the tattoo, which isn’t true and she didn’t set her Dad straight, future conflict alert. Xavier seems happy enough to hang around the hospital, waiting for her condition to improve. Isn’t he a bit old for Sasha, she’s only 15.





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  1. Ailsa Avatar

    Mr. JP is being an eejit, not copping on that taking stuff from businessmen isn’t on. Tut tut.

    Miles is not fat! I know he eats all the time but he is lean compared to a few years ago. Another tut tut from me.

    Good squaring up between Sid and Stu today. I can’t wait till Stu gets bashed for a change.

  2. strikemeroan Avatar

    Sid always seems really fake when he’s doing his angry dad act.

    Ever since Elijah went back to being a Rev his dress sense has gone waaay downhill

    The John Palmer Tribunal will need a presiding judge – may I suggest Morag?!

  3. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off

    Watching it now. So far my main thought is: Go Sid!! Very authorititive with Stu there. Gwan Sid!

  4. Liz Avatar

    Maybe Miles has worms.

  5. PeterKevin Avatar

    Ah that not fair! You keep opening new threads when I’ve posted on the last one !!!!!

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    We don’t watch it till evening time!

  7. HogansGhost! Avatar

    I was thinking the same thing about Xavier and Sasha. He must be 18 or 19 by now (although the actors probably 30 as they are in the American shows)Shes also very moody and has done nothing to be fanciable especially by wearing all of “Clares Accessories” emo section

  8. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    He’s nearly 22. Auditioned for the roles of Henry, Lucas, Geoff and Drew before getting the part of Xavi. Maybe they just gave him the role cos they felt sorry for him.

  9. YaToolie Avatar

    Imagine the cost of Gina’s Vhi. Xavi visits the hospital once a week at least. The hospital must have Gina on speed dial. Imagine the scene

    Ring ring-
    Hospital- hello Gina it’s the yabby creek hospital here.

    Gina- oh my god what’s wrong with xavi?

    Hospital- we are sorry Mrs Austin to have to tell you this but xavi has got a crayon stuck up his nose.

    Gina- (while pulling a smell the fart face) oh good heavens not again. I better call doctor Sid .

    Music plays.

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