It’s baaaack!

I’m so excited, I’m gonna live blog this episode, here goes:

Argh, shut up about sport, RTE people!
I forgot about Harvey’s stupid face!
Also forgot about Sid’s declaration of love!
Harvey’s in the “barbecue area”.
Roo is keeping Harvey at bay cos of the doc.
Romeo slacking on his dinner preparations, very slow chopping.
Marilyn’s hair is lovely.
Roo and Marilyn having a girlie chat about boys.
Miles and Veej hanging out on beach.
Colleen driving sick Irene mad.
There’s going to be a surprise fundraiser for Irene.
Harvey putting pressure on Alf re: Blaxland.
“Just because I’m your son, doesn’t mean you can control everything I do”. Veej demands RESPECT.
Miles is very philosophical about the break-up. Veej thinks it’s Leah’s fault.


Poor Irene is crying. Awwww. Cancer’s no joke.
Alf says Colleen’s mouth works overtime. He’s not wrong.
Irene is not on for leaving the house.
Alf’s under orders to wear pink for the fundraiser.
“Are you using me to get Dad’s boat”, sez Roo to Harvey.
Veej and Leah rowing. IM NEARLY THIRTEEN.
Marilyn coaxing Irene out of house. Very persuasive.
Roo and Harvey row, Alf kicks him out. IN YER FACE HARVEY
Irene stunned at fundraiser, makes speech.
Palmer in pink cowboy hat.
Roo calls to farm, Romeo can lease Blaxland again, Sid says forget about his declaration of love.
The ladies have wine, cake and biscuits.
Veej getting a bus outta town. I bet he’s going to THE CITY.





6 responses to “It’s baaaack!”

  1. strikemeroan Avatar

    Oooh I wish I’d been able to livetweet this one and sync up with ye! Anyway, just caught up there. Alf: ‘Get out of here before I give you a hand’. Harvey is soo gross. Sid and Roo dilemmas – snore. Why didn’t Sid, Romeo and Indi go to Irene’s fundraiser? I liked Alf’s shirt, pink yet manly. I hope Veej doesn’t run into Gary the Paedo on his latest escapade

  2. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off

    I LOLed for real at the bus that just said ‘the CITY’.

    And I stand by my earlier comments!! Harvey vs Sid for a shag, come on now, there’s no way you’d go for Brylcreem Dr S.

  3. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off

    Also: a comeback episode without a river boy in it: harsh 🙁

  4. strikemeroan Avatar

    Harvey vs Sid is like a game of Evil Choices. I once played that game with a friend where Sid was ALWAYS my ‘ugh never!’ choice. She kept putting him up against grosser and grosser guys until I caved. But that just proves my point that Sid would only be a choice under extreme duress. I’d pick him over Harvey but only cos the alternative is so manky.

    Didn’t notice the bus saying ‘The City’, must watch back! Hilarious

  5. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    So happy its back, also very upset not a sniff of a river boy, ugh Harvey really makes my skin crawl, Dr Sid equally ugh but def better than Harvey.. I would totally run away if Leah was my mother.. god give him a break, nag nag!!!! When will Elijah get the calling and feck back to Africa, got angry yesterday when he was telling every one about the good cause and telling Myles and Leah off.. Who were the people at the fundraiser in BLUE.. shame on them the flaming gallahs

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    Didn’t spot the lads in blue – did they not get the memo like? Maybe they were doing a rival fundraiser for testicular cancer.

    I noticed half the town weren’t at the fundraiser anyway – scabs.

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