Hooning around like a wild hog

Liam’s in the hospital after colliding with Brax and Charlie’s cahhhh. I hope nothing happens to Xavier before the rockstar recovers, there’ll be no bed for him.

Heath and Bianca covered for Chax. Bianca is overly distraught, considering she and Liam are no longer an item.

Sid convinced Alf to hold off on the boat sale. Harvey is very anxious to close the deal. He called around to Romeo to give him a bollocking. Indi overheard and was shocked at Harvey’s extreme knobishness.

Sam admitted to driving the apple core getaway car, meaning Brax is off the hook. Charlie still resigned though. Boss Joyce was confused as to why.

Sid made a house call to Irene, who seems to have lost her hair overnight. That’s the end of her lovely new do! Roo called around and ad a blue with Sid, who ended up telling her Harvey is a fool and he still loves her. Awwww.

Home and Away is off the air now, until JANUARY 16th! How on earth will we manage?





11 responses to “Hooning around like a wild hog”

  1. strikemeroan Avatar

    OH FFS! Always forget about the break, always shake my fist at the sky when it happens

  2. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! January 16th is too far away. We need a countdown clock so we know how many weeks, days, hours and minutes are left til it’s back.

    Irene’s new hair was actually a “wig”. She was feeling better the other day so went to Yabbie Creek and treated herself to a wig.

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Ah, that makes way more sense

  4. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off

    Jesus. A whole month. What am I supposed to do!!! Watch Fair Shitty?

    I cannot see what Brax sees in Chaaahlie. She was such a moan bag today about Beeyonka and the statement.

    What the hell is Beeyonka thinking, mooning over a bloody Liam when Heath the big ridebag

  5. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off

    is standing behind her.

    Pressed publish too soon 🙁

  6. Giggity Avatar

    I propose:
    A home-written episode, Christmas special! =P

    Oh, was wondering about Irene’s hair, glad to have that cleared up.
    I will never understand why programmes STOP for the holidays when we have nothing else to do, but run while we have work/school/college…

  7. HogansGhost! Avatar

    I know she should have her cake and eat it sure whats Liam going to know when he’s lying there with red biro on his face (seriously what kind of wounds are they supposed to be?) I hate when were just catching up with Oz they go and ruin Christmas for us by depriving us.I was dying to see mingmouth get dumped by Roo

  8. PeterKevin Avatar

    A lot of the cops have Irish names don’t they? Joyce, Fitzy, senior Constable McGrath.I wonder where did Charlie get the pen, paper and envelope while she was hiding away in that Hotel room with Brax?

    Liam’s injuries are gas alright. I don’t know how anyone keeps a straight face looking at him.

    Loved Sid n Roo’s little row. I wonder was Colleen still on the premises when Sid declared his love? If so, it’ll be in the Coastal News faster than you can say strewth….

  9. Mrs River Boy Avatar
    Mrs River Boy

    Heath and Beeyonka would make a marvellous couple. i hope liamo allows her to have a bit on the side while he recovers from his injuries.

  10. Roo's nose Avatar
    Roo’s nose

    Not likely. I bet she wishes she’d run off with the cheatin Italian prince now. Silly moo.

  11. strikemeroan Avatar

    I second the proposal to write our own Christmas special! Alf can be Santa, with Romeo and Harvey as his elves

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