Schoolies alert

Ruby is all stressed out as she’s mid exams and her fella is banged up in the big house. Then Brax got arrested and that made her feel worse.  Xavier tried to make her feel better by telling her that it’s nearly time for schoolies.  That makes everything alright I suppose. You can’t beat schoolies.

April was having one of  her bad fashion sense days today. Good to see she’s over her drug addiction, she seems back to normal now. Is Gina getting a caffeine addiction? Luckily there’s a tai chi crase sweeping the Bay and she’s using that as a substitute for the coffee.

Brax is in deep do-do over the petrol station robbery. It seems one of Jake’s boys, Benji, was trying to set him up with a planted apple core.  Brax used his criminal genius to figure it out and sort it. Problem solved, no thanks to Casey’s solicitor, Hayley, who dropped him in it, refusing to back up his alibi.  That one is going to be trouble, I can tell. Brax knows that now too, Charlie told him that she’s working for Jake. But Charlie’s been taken off the case so Brax will have to make do on his own. Constable Watson is going to do her best to take him down, which should be easier now that she doesn’t have Charlie around, messing things up.





3 responses to “Schoolies alert”

  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    OMG, It appears Jake is a criminal mastermind. Unlike his brother the late lamented Hammer.

    Can’t stop now I’m off to Thai Chi.

  2. strikemeroan Avatar

    Dex doing Tai Chi was one of the funniest sights of the year

  3. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off

    Reeeaallly hope that if Chaaaahlie’s off the case, she’ll be able to reunite the old Dynamite Duo aka Chax

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