A slap in the face

What happened to Sasha and Stew? She was professing her love for him to Indy and saying how well things are going. She did have the sense to tell him that she’s not ready to “take it to the next level”, which was sensible. That sense deserted her when it came to dressing up for her date with Stew, she looked somewhat ridiculous, which goes to prove that she is a Walker, taking after Indy. So she went out for a ride in Stew’s awesome green machine and he gave her abuse for not texting him back. But the verbals weren’t enough and he slapped her in the face! I hope she sees sense and kicks him to the kerb. No doubt she’ll forgive him, tell herself he’s changed, until he does it again.

Were there any other violent relationships recently? I was casting my mind back to see if I could remember them. Did Kane hit Kirsty at some stage? Maybe I’m slandering him incorrectly. I’ve a feeling we’ve had this storyline before, “what’s new with that” I hear you say.

April is a right little addict these days. Robbing prescription papers from Sid, where will it end? Did she get the wrong tablets for Irene? That didn’t seem clear. Irene seemed very pepped up once she took what April gave her. Irene’s going to end up addicted to pro plus and caffeine tablets.

9 thoughts on “A slap in the face”

  1. What about Sid and Dex’s high five? Lebron and the boys wouldn’t have a look in

  2. Sid and Dex crack me up.

    Would be so funny if Irene was on April’s pep pills. Possibly showing my age but does anyone remember Irene’s daughter Fin being addicted to pep pills coming up to her HSC? She was living in Pippa’s.

  3. I dont think she gave Irene the wrong pills?I think it was just because Irene was talking about how great Sid was for giving her a new prescription and April was thinking yeah I love drugs and stealing from Sid? Cant wait til she gets found out. Somehow I dont think Dex is going to get his wish about taking it to the next level with her.

  4. Ah Cassie didn’t really have bad taste in guys, thats not fair. So what if Henk was a rapist who gave her HIV, wasn’t he a doctor too???? i’m sure he did some good in life!!

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