There was a collective shout of OHHHHH in our house just now, as preteen Lily told prospective da Mark that mammy Gypsy was being bold on the beach with Liam Murphy, all-round rockstar. The only one I feel sorry for is Irene. She’s trying to recover from chemo in the midst of many dramas. At least her illness means she can get Lily to do the dishes.

Charlie was ready to ride Brax, but found his lawyer’s earring in his car. That car sees some action.

Leah is being a wagon to Miles. I hope they do break up. She’s telling him he pushed her into going ahead with the pregnancy. He did in his HOOP, Leah.

13 thoughts on “Sickener!”

  1. I have never commented on here before but I have been reading Home and Away Ireland for a while now and I have to say I love you all!
    Your posts (and all the comments!) never fail to cheer me up, and even when I neglect to watch H&A I still come here regardless!

  2. Did you see the head on Alf when Roo was describing what Charlie might see in Brax? Unbelievable scenes

  3. Yeah it seems many of the Bay Ladies see what Charlie sees in Brax. Exhibits: Roo, Gypsy and Watsy. Not to mention Weirdly Bendy Hayley. Maybe Colleen’s bitchy disapproval is inspired by jealousy

  4. Leah really is the most ridiculous ever. She’s singlehandedly sucked all the fun out of Miles. She totally is the black widow.

  5. Now I’m no Delia Smith but even I know a chicken can’t go from undercooked to cremated in 15 seconds!! Shoddy scriptwriting.

  6. Or in the kitchen even. don’t think irene has an oven upstairs. well stranger things have happened actually

  7. Poor Charlie. All her dreams of happiness ruined by stray earring.

    Poor Miles. All his dreams of happiness being ruined by choosing another woman who will break his heart and not even have the guts to be honest about it. Previous examples, see Kirsty.

    Poor Mark. What did he ever do to get stuck in disfunctional family central?

  8. Miles, Leah and Elijah should have a three-way relationship. That way everyone gets what they want and Veej gets two dads. Though I don’t the Bay is ready for such a continental arrangement.

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