Pash central

Bianca caught Liam and Gypsy doing slidey slidey on the beach, so she retaliated by pashing with Heath on the couch. She came to her senses though, and legged it.

Ma Braxton is a Class A wagon. She ran up 70,000 in debt on the pokies, and Brax now has to pay for her lawyer instead of Casey’s. She nicked an iPod for Casey then asked him for money. All the while she’s saying things like “You boys would do anything for your mum”. Emotional blackmail by millions!

Lily told Gypsy she knows about the boarding school. I wouldn’t worry if I were her. Mark will be a dot on the horizon soon.

2 thoughts on “Pash central”

  1. Oh yes MORAG!!!Bring her back! and she can give Roo the kick she needs to get rid of that weirdo with the poor oral hygiene Harvey! he gives me the creeps!

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