Bayside story

What’s going on with Liam and Bianca now? I thought they were broken up, for good this time. But when Liam called over to Heath’s gaff to find her in his robe, he was severely miffed.  He stormed off for a mope thinking she was with Heath.

Gypsy had a row with Lily and went for a walk which meant that she bumped into Murph.   She didn’t seem too bothered by the fact that she has a boyfriend and indulged in some extra curricular liaisons with the rockstar/waiter.  Cue Bianca finding them caught up in their passion?

What is Harvey playing at? Romeo is dead sus, thinking his plan is to do him out a big charter business.  He even tried to warn Roo off him, to no avail. She seems happy enough with him, for now. I can’t see it lasting given his devious nature.

The h&a makeup artists deserves credit for Irene’s complexion in recent episodes. She looks like death warmed up. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see her turn up in an episode of the Walking dead.

5 thoughts on “Bayside story”

  1. Poor Lily, she’s the makins of another troubled teenage dirt bag in the bay. Didn’t take her long to find the window and fling the ipad out!

  2. Aw,the window. Last properly used in the era of Belle (RIP) and the fabulous Aden. I miss those days.

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