Snared rapid

Casey is royally screwed now. YCPD snared him on cctv heading to Jake’s and coming back.  Doesn’t tally with his alibi of being in bed sick.

Heath told Casey that he had to leg it, go on the run. So eff the HSC, it’s a life of crime for him. Ruby is distraught and will have to pine for him while he’s away. How long before Ruby spills the beans to Charlie?

The tension between Bianca and Gypsy is simmering away.  Does Bianca want Liam back? Himself and Gypsy reckon not but she doesn’t want him to be with anyone else, namely Gypsy.  Little Lily clearly favours the Ireland’s own Murphy over her mother’s current boyfriend, and tried to blackmail her into choosing Liam.  Lily has a bit of a divil in her, taking after her mother.

4 thoughts on “Snared rapid”

  1. Was Lily always this annoying? Cute kid but get her and her ‘tude outta there. Miles and Leah seem on the road for a breakup,then i imagine Elijahs going to be “comforting” Leah quite a lot. Poor Miles, Leah should understand this is his second kid hes lost too. Now Caseys gone its only a matter of time before Ruby finds “painful kisses” with someone new?

  2. Maybe she’ll relaunch her campaign to lure Romeo away from Indi. I like that on her phone, Ruby had Charlie saved as ‘Charles’

  3. Nooooo, not Rubes and Xave AGAIN, nooooooooo. Although it will prob be easy for him because he has all those lines already learned.

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