There were so many things wrong with Indi and Romeo’s decision to get married. The very worst thing of all, though, was that they did it without Dexter. Very feckin’ mean. They convinced Sid to go along with it in about thirty seconds.

Some other observations:

Romeo’s outfit was like a ninja’s.
Roo’s dress was like a tent.
Sid obviously liked it.
Roo is a woman of principle.

Perhaps Indi and Romeo could go and live in marital bliss in Nicole’s disused house.





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  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    I loved how in Romeo’s speech he loved her since he first saw her. So he must have secretly loved her all the time he was rebuffing her advances cos he wasn’t over Annie. All we need now is for her to reappear. She probably still looks about 12.

  2. Lana Avatar

    surely her dress was slightly slutty?

  3. strikemeroan Avatar

    Annie would be very not impressed considering how into marriage and the holy joe life she is. Indy’s dress was pretty fecking racy for a wedding dress. But then, that was hardly a *real* wedding. They’ll be befuddled when they run into problems after a week. I did like the ukulele player though, nice/hilarious touch.

    Sid tried the whole brooding tortured thing with Roo, but he couldn’t pull it off and just looked like he had constipation. No wonder she ran

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    I used to like Sid, but he has turned into Dr. Dick of late

  5. Kanger Roo Avatar
    Kanger Roo

    I’m with Ailsa on this one … I used to think Sid was pretty cool (by Summer Bay doctor’s standards) but getting seriously sick of him and his posturing and complaining head these days … glad to see Roo rebuffed hiim – bet he wasn’t expecting that given his “reputation”

  6. SummerBaySuperBods Avatar

    What black hole did Dr. Sidney travel through to get from Australia to Hawaii in time for the wedding. Can’t wait for everyone to get back to the Bay, this whole Hawaiian experience has brought H&A script writing to an all time low. Everything that’s happened has been a complete FARCE!!

    The only way to redeem the situation from the folly of the last two days is to have it all as a dream Sid had. When they said that Marty had organised the marriage licence I very nearly turned off…….for ever. WTF??!!!!

  7. Ailsa Avatar

    You said it, SBSB. Who is Marty, anyway? Mayor of Hawaii?

  8. strikemeroan Avatar

    If they were going all the way to Hawaii to film you’d think they’d have a better storyline, and more cast members out there. Hopefully JP and the rest will come out via the black hole & have a bit of craic. Waste of film otherwise!

    Remember when Irene and Selina went to England to track down Stephen? All I can remember is England was full of little stone bridges and pubs called The Dog and Duck

  9. PeterKevin Avatar

    Marty is the super tourism tycoon who thinks Indi is the next big thing after meeting her for 5 minutes! Then again , she is from OZ and we know how well they run their business empires.!!!!!

  10. Pippa Avatar

    I don’t understand why everyone is so down on Dr. Dish. He’s the only character with a bit of sense- everyone else will be thrilled with the wedding. He’s being harsh towards Marilyn cos he knew what a stupid idea it was for them to take Nicole’s baby, but they wouldn’t listen to him. I think him and Roo will make a classic home and away couple

  11. Kanger Roo Avatar
    Kanger Roo

    Hmmm…Home and Away: The Hawaii Adventure …
    I refused to believe they were actually filming in Hawaii, being conviced the surfing scenes were staged, with CGI background etc, but it appears that filming did take place in Hawaii, and I can only comment that it looks strangely like the Hawaiian Tourist Board sponsored the episodes or something as its the only plausible explanation for the completely unexpected introduction of this scenario into the H&A schedule. Think about it for a minute – JP introduces the idea of going to Hawaii for a Tourism Convention and then hands it over to Roo,(I mean if the convention was in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc etc it might be believable) but the idea seems to spring out of nowhere and then takes on a life of its own.
    I think we should propose a campaign to Failte Ireland to bring an episode of H&A to Ireland … imagine the potential…

  12. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    I’m with you Kanger Roo! We would need to provide a list of characters we’re willing to house though. I propose JP for the comedy and Heath for sitting around looking at all day.

  13. Lana Avatar

    I’ll take the River Boys! God help whoever gets Miles, he’ll eat them out of house and home

  14. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    I will share Heath with ya Kanger, while you are at work or something, I can mind him.
    I will also take the two Irish ones, Liam and Colleen and we will go get locked on Baileys and Guinness.
    Someone on the West Coast who lives near the sea should take Ruby… bring her up near the cliffs……

  15. Kanger Roo Avatar
    Kanger Roo

    Haha – can you imagine the stereotypes that would eventually end up on H&A if they came to Ireland?!
    As for the surfing – while admirable, it couldn’t compete with the clear skies and perfect sea, sand and sunshine of Hawaii – more like a dull, overcast day in freezing cold water with everyone wearing wetsuits instead of boardshorts.
    Hmm…if we can’t convince the scriptwriters to send us over a few as part of a story then maybe we could all like sponser a H&A character if they come here on their holliers 😉

  16. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    What about if Casey,Rubes etc all went to the Gaeltacht on their holidays, but Casey went missing so all the Braxtons ESP HEATH had to come over to find him?
    It will turn out he fell in love with a cailin, not Colleen, and went off riding on a horse with her through the green fields.
    Cahrlie would have to go too and liase with the Gardai over here.
    I can see it now when she goes to Galway and meets Brendan Gleeson….

  17. Ailsa Avatar

    I love it, c’mon, let’s head to Australia and pitch it!

  18. strikemeroan Avatar

    Charlie would probably handle the case with the guards in such a corrupt way there’d be tribunals about it for the next 10 years….

  19. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    Not at all. She would have them quivering with that death stare.
    Liam would have to come along and maybe we would find that child he had with that model that he never mentions….

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