Girlfriend for hire

Dexter has devised a cunning plan.  In order to make April jealous, he’s hired Kate to hang around the surf club with him, acting like his girlfriend. In exchange for these services, Kate will receive biology grinds from devious Dex.  But she’s no dopey dupe, she’s onto him.  Has Dexter met his match?

Marilyn got to say her goodbye with George and Nicole in the city. Very touching indeed. Sid wasn’t too impressed.  I give it a week or two before the two of them break up, but maybe there’ll be a bit more flirtation between Sid and Roo. Sid and Marilyn always seemed a strange pairing and Sid wasn’t too pushed on the adoption idea. Maybe it’s for the best if they call it quits.





2 responses to “Girlfriend for hire”

  1. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    This love has classic ‘swaparoo’ all over it.
    Remember when those twins Kirsty and Jade swapped each other for Nick?
    I see Dex and Apy and Xavi and Summer/Kate.
    Love how you never see these girls before the scene where they are needed to make a regular jealous and you will never see them again!

  2. HogansGhost! Avatar

    So ive been staring at Kates face for ages wondering why it was so familiar and then it hit me. Shes a young Bernadette Peters!! If only she had her charisma…..

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