In a very unsurprising turn of events, the River Boys were found with a load of dope on the boat. Unfortunately, Captain Romeo got dragged into it too. Morag was raging. She wanted to fire Romeo, but Roo came to his rescue, saying she’d be his mentor. Celebrity Apprentice Down Unda or what?

Marilyn misses George; she went over to Miles’ looking for his new address. Miles said no, due to her history of nicking sprogs. Anyway, Nicole rang shortly afterwards. Probably looking for tips on how to raise a baby.





4 responses to “Drugboat”

  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Only dope on that boat was Romeo. Budget for the year must have been blown on the cop boats. Half expected Charlie or Watson to go for an unplanned swim. Very disappointed that didn’t happen.

  2. HogansGhost! Avatar

    Charlie ruined that whole sting by talking to Brax about it!! what kind of detective will she make if shes telling the gang leader she knows theyre going out on the boat (and so possibly might check it out herself) Nearly chocked on my tea when Marilyn asked why she couldnt have Nics address and Miles was like er you stole the baby last time. Best line ever how did she even not find that funny!!?

  3. Kanger Roo Avatar
    Kanger Roo

    “Only dope on that boat was Romeo” Hahaha – well done Justice Bellingham!

    Can’t understand why Sid is being so ridiculously inconsiderate to Marilyn …

  4. PeterKevin Avatar

    Romeo is some tuilip alright. The drug bust was like a budget episode of Miami Vice.

    When will Charlie realise that Brax will shop anyone to save himself, including her? Time for Morag to have a word methinks..

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