Farewell Nicole & Angelo

I’ll miss Nicole and Angelo. Don’t think I can say the same for baby George as I haven’t had as much time to get to know him. They had some good storylines in fairness. What about the time Nicole trying it on with holy Geoff? Who can forget the time that Angelo shot his colleague Jack? How we laughed.

The bay will be a duller place without them. At least we have Marilyn to keep us amused. Child kidnapping isn’t a bad way to keep the town talking. Luckily for her, Nic isn’t pressing charges so she got away with that one.

Is Roo some kind of world class problem solver? She’s a one woman A-team. She defused the kidnapping situation and made sure George got back to Nicole in one piece. I wonder if part of her wouldn’t have minded to see Marilyn locked up, leaving a clear path to Sid. Given her mental state and all of the flirtatious texting going on, I think the doctor would be on for that scenario too.





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  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    No farewell from Nic to Miles, Romeo and Morag whom she lived with and who helped her throughout her pregnancy, or to her supposed friend Indi ! How quickly she forgot them when she hooked up with Ang. I tell you Marilyn isn’t the only baby snatcher in the Bay!!

    Roo is superwoman!! I’d love to see what was in the text that she didn’t send!!!

  2. summer bay high guna Avatar
    summer bay high guna

    Oh god does your ones snaggle tooth annoy the hell out of anyone else or is it just me? And when she kissed Elija Von Holypriest…..vom!!!! The two of them really creep me out! Ah poor oul Marilyn, whats gonna happen to her when Sid and Roo do the dirty? The men in white coats will definately be called.

  3. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Can we have a memorial to Constable Risotto put somewhere on the blog? I miss him already 🙁
    George showed some real potential tonight. See him spit up when Nicole had been jiggling him around? Pure genius.
    Roo has an empty house now so I’m sure we’ll have plenty of her and Sid sneaking around with no-one there to catch them.
    Can Elijah just go now? Anywher, don’t care where, just not the Bay anymore.

  4. Yabbie's Creek Avatar
    Yabbie’s Creek

    Constable Risotto sure packed in a lot of adventures in his time with the police dept, all turned a bit boring once he got his Gordon Ramsey on.

    I agree – George had real potential. He was super cute when Marilyn was saying goodbye to him and touching his cheek – smiling away. I’m sure we’ll see him again in…oh…16 years time.

  5. SummerBaySuperBods Avatar

    George pukeing on sour puss makes it into my top 5 H&A moments of all time. You should do a poll on that I reckon. So glad to see the back of depressing, whiney, moaney, droopy face Nicole.

  6. strikemeroan Avatar

    We’ll see him in 5 years when thanks to the Summer Bay Time Warp he’ll be 18. Hope he doesn’t inherit his dad’s mentalness.

    So long Sergeant Risotto. Remember when he first came, all young and fresh-faced and chasing Belle? Then she cheated on him with Aden and his luck with women just went downhill from there. No wonder he’s practically marrying Nicole after two weeks. They’ll have a grand oul life, selling clothes and salty tapas

  7. Melbelle Avatar

    For others who have been watching it for decades, does Roo remind ye of Pippa? Always giving advice and solving problems and being the Oprah of summer bay!! At least she’s not quite as lilywhite as Pippa!!
    Sad to see Angelo go.

  8. Ailsa Avatar

    Roo does have a whiff of Pippa about her. A bit bolder though, with the doctor-flirting.

  9. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    No you can’t compare them!
    Pips was never a floozy….
    As for Nicole, I will gladly wave ta-ta to her-she stole all the Summer Bay Super Bods and now she is leaving with one of the last remaining ones.
    Angie tho- aw remember when everyone hated him cause he shot Jack. Class craic. That was the Angelo I loved. Not this one who falls in love with Nickers when she dropped hers to give birth….

  10. Marilyn Avatar

    Who even owns that house Roo is in now – wasn’t it Tony and Rachel’s? And how can she afford it since she keeps saying she’s broke. Nobody in Summer Bay seem to own/pay for the houses they live in.

  11. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Poor JP the 3rd. He cracks me up. Please tell me Gina didn’t catch the menopause and is pregnant instead!! Getting Colleen around to chat about women’s things was inspired.

  12. Back Seat Buckton Avatar
    Back Seat Buckton

    What about Nicole’s house or her fathers house, did she forget that she owned one?

  13. PeterKevin Avatar

    Not a lot happened in last night’s episode. Charlie got her kit off again with Brax. Bianca regretted getting her kit off with Heath and told him it wouldn’t happen again.

    Dex went on a date with Kate and April was mad jealous. Wanna sort that one out soon girly. Otherwise , before you know it , Roo will be “organising” your love life.She seems to be the organiser par excellence these days.

  14. Constable Watson Avatar

    What about Nicole’s Da?! Does she not bother tell him where she’s going? Her and Angelo were out of there like a pair of hot snots. Shame Nicole turned into a whiny whingey yoke, considering how she rocked up in Summer Bay years ago in her fancy clothes and car and trying it on with everything that moved. And I can’t even remember what Angelo was like in the start, he was such a sap by the end.
    Bring in more troublesome characters, Summer Bay people! All the last batch have gone soft!

  15. Floss and Neville Avatar
    Floss and Neville

    In the last few weeks all Angelo’scenes consisted of him touching and rubbing Nicole’s arms and back. He had about five words to say in the last fortnight. Glad they left the bay…they were very quickly on their way to being the most annoying couple in the bay.

  16. strikemeroan Avatar

    Just caught up on the Gina/Colleen/Menopause episodes – SO. FECKING. FUNNY.

    Colleen: ‘We’ll have this sorted in time for Desperate Housewives on the box’

    Also loved that as soon as there’s any gossip Colleen straightaway on the blower to Madge Wilkins.

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