Social media revolution continues

Well it’s finally happened, Web 2.0 has hit the bay. Again. Last week it was Gina and Facebook. This time it’s Palmer and Twitter, as prompted by Roo. He’s keeping all 20 of his followers riveted with updates from behind the scenes at the surf carnival. All went well until Xavier robbed his iPhone to tweet some updates. Mangrove River got the hump when Xavier, as John, called them creampuffs and criminals. There will be some strife at the carnival itself, no doubt about that.

Colleen and Mick McCarthy are big fans of the Webinet and are forever poking each other. It would be great if Colleen started a twitter account that we could follow in real life. That would be priceless.

Back in RL, Miles and Leah had a wee kiss. So cute. Mwah.






15 responses to “Social media revolution continues”

  1. Ailsa Avatar

    I am off to see if Mr. JP has a real-life twitter account.

  2. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Is creampuff taking over from flaming mongrel or galah in the absence of Alf? I really want to just call people craeapuffs now!!

  3. strikemeroan Avatar

    Ya flamin creampuff. In Alf’s absence it’s a worthy replacement insult. Biggest story are Leah and Miles awkward but rather sweet attempts to take it to the next level. Noisy kisses ahoy

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    Awwww so cute. I hope it all works out. Elijah has turned into a sap so no competition there. WHERE IS VEEJ?

  5. PeterKevin Avatar

    I asked that question a while back Ailsa and nobody seems to know! Leah has had a fair few romances now, I hope this one works out…

    Of course Leah and Miles will want to keep their relationship secret now. It will be until Miles bumps into Brax some fine morning as he sneaks out of the house…..

  6. strikemeroan Avatar

    Elijah was always a ssssSap, as Vogue would say

  7. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    PeterKevin, I can totally see that happening!! Can just imagine Miles and Brax bumping into each other coming out windows!

  8. strikemeroan Avatar

    Veej was back today thank god, we were all starting to worry Leah had left him down the diner

  9. PeterKevin Avatar

    It will be brilliant Justice Bellingham! Can you imagine the story that Miles will blubber out in order to explain what he’s doing at Leah’s and the Brax will just smile and let him talk till they have to dash off and Brax won’t have to say a word about him and Charlie…

    VEEEJ is back alright but he’s the least of Leah’s problems. Elijah declares his love for her. He must think she is some eejit after all he’s done….

  10. We only watch it for the Sun Avatar
    We only watch it for the Sun

    Mick McCarthy HA!

  11. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    I wish John Palmer did have a Twitter account. It would be a hoot!

    “Down @ d SurfClub with @Xavi and @MistressGina. Hope to pick up an OJ!”

  12. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Liam’s Twitter: @heathbrax meet me round the side of @dSurfClub asap

    George’s Twitter: Holy Sweet Jesus, PUT ME BACK IN!

    Charlie’s Twitter: @rubyslapper @constablewilson Errr… nothing! Just you know… em, had to go home to walk around alone in my pants on my lunchbreak

  13. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    Colleens: @MadgeWilkins did u see my new hunk @MickMcCarthy? My @Lanceydoo would be so proud!

  14. Ailsa Avatar

    LOVE IT. I wish they were all on twitter. They should make it part of the actors’ jobs!

  15. strikemeroan Avatar

    Irene’s twitter: @Milco and @LeahPattersonBaker, snogging in the diner! #ohmygawdfather

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